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10 Content Ideas For Your Stories

If you are still one of those people that doesn't invest time in content creation for your Instagram/Facebook stories you are losing the opportunity to grow exponentially. The content in stories not only has greater visualization than that of the feed, it is also a simple, creative format that allows us to connect with our community.⁣ That is why today we want to share 10 content ideas for your stories:

  1. Present yourself

There will always be new people on your account. Present yourself constantly and change the format. For example, use the quiz sticker to make them guess or share curious facts that demonstrate your personality.

2. Answer a question

Do they ask you the same question constantly? Answer it through the stories. You can create a "frequently asked questions" section in your highlights and save it there.

3. Interview with experts

Invite an expert to your stories and do a mini interview. You can follow these steps: 1- Generate intrigue about who will be the guest. 2- Leave a question box for your community to participate. 3- Choose from 3 to 5 questions and make sure to have easy to understand answers.

4. Behind the scenes of product / service

Show the behind the scenes of how you create a product or service. You can add music, change speeds, use interesting angles, explain the process and its benefits. A great idea for any restaurant, bakeries, and many more!

5. Let your audience participate

Introduce your community to your decision making through accounts. For example, if you are designing a garment, let your community decide on the fabric and show them the final result.

6. Giveaways

Create a “flash giveaway” to reward your most loyal community. You can have them participate through a sticker and announce the winner in 24 hours or more to extend the life of the story to the maximum. You will keep them engaged with your stories and will be checking again for a new giveaway. 

7. Tutorials

Share the step by step of how to achieve a goal, for example using your product or taking full advantage of your service. Make sure you do it simply, easily and with accessible instruments or ingredients.

8. Reviews

Did you receive a positive message from a customer? Share it in your stories. It will generate confidence in your performance and will give professionalism to your brand. Sharing the photo of the message is enough, you do not have to make an effort to create a graphic.

9. Motivate your community

Create unique content by sharing your experiences. What did you learn lately? What experience do you think can have a positive message? Share your experiences with your community such as social work, new practices, recent updates etc. 

10. Share the final result

Show the before and after of a service. The happy end result of a product or the reaction of a happy customer when receiving or using what you offer. If the photo is not perfect, don't worry! It will show authenticity and build trust.

It’s possible that some of these ideas don’t work with your type of content or business, but we are sure that at least 2 or 3 should be useful for you. Even though stories only last for 24 hours, they have a great response among users. It is definitely worth the try! Also, remember that you can create highlights of your stories so you can save them in case someone would like to revisit them. A great idea would be to create highlights according to the content of each story. For example, you can create one for FAQ’s, another one for a step-by-step guide, and another one showing reviews from customers. It’s just a matter of organizing your content. 

We would be very happy to give you a free consultation if you would like assistance with social media management. Our team of experts will create engaging content and keep in touch with your audience! 

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