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5 Tips to Manage Social Media During a Crisis

We must all be prepared to face a crisis on Social Networks at any time. Brands all over the world have taken steps to manage the COVID-19 crisis these past few weeks. They have created content related to the news, campaigns to advertise their products in a more sensitive way, and their efforts show. We have seen an increase in collaborations between brands, support to communities and health professionals like never before. 

It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, the importance of having a plan to manage any crisis at any time should be one of our priorities as business owners/managers. Today we leave you 5 tips that can help you define a plan to best manage any crisis that arises.

1. Foresee the different possible scenarios

Knowing the different crisis situations that you may face, will help you develop the necessary response parameters. Keep in mind every crisis that you can think of, for example, natural disasters etc. Try to prepare a plan for each and make notes to remember if the time comes.

2. Know capabilities and resources

You need to know in advance what you have to be able to respond to any crisis that may arise on social networks. After you foresee every possible scenario, think of what you could use to manage the crisis and always keep a resource list so you can remember and refer to it if necessary.

3. Form a crisis management team

Controlling the online reputation of your brand and managing everything that happens on social networks is something that does not depend only on you. You must form a crisis management team. Share with them the possible scenarios and make a plan on how to respond to each situation. Also, it would be a good idea to ask for their opinion, since people have different experiences, they might come up with good ideas.

4. Elaborate the messages to transmit

You need to communicate and launch the most appropriate message to the right people. Solve and manage any situation that may be detrimental to your brand reputation. It is necessary to know what to say and how to say it.

5. Maintain brand reputation

  • Who you are

  • Who you say you are

  • What people say you are

The closer these three factors are to each other, the more coherence there will be in the image and brand reputation. Make sure all your messages express these three things somehow. Also, it’s important to stay informed and share valuable and trustworthy information, you don’t want another crisis because you said something you shouldn’t have!

As of now, probably every brand on social media has taken steps to modify their strategies to fit the current situation and keep the public informed of their measures in these hard times. Remember that your brand should have a voice and you are in charge of the information you put out there. Especially during a crisis we need to be more careful and consider all the situations our audience is facing so we can deliver the right message.

Your business is probably in a difficult situation now, but we want to tell you: Don't give up!  Everything has a solution, it is only a matter of restructuring and re-defining strategies.

Contact us to know more about our social media management services!

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