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6 Tips to Increase the Reach of your Posts on Social Networks

Good content and a social media presence are the two basic columns of attraction marketing. But do you know how to increase your reach on social networks without losing your mind? Well, here we explain some keys. Take note of the ones that best fit your business and grow!

Search the social network where your target audience is located

The first trap when creating a strategy to increase reach on social networks is to believe that you must be present in all of them. This idea is completely false! 

The fact is that, depending on who you direct your products or services to, you must be present in some networks or others.

Broadly speaking, it is better to manage a single network with solvency than to try to cover them all at half gas.

Although trends change, keep these data in mind when planning how to increase your network reach:

  • Teens (1997-2006) meet on Snapchat + Instagram + Twitter

  • The famous millennials (1981-1996) move on Facebook + Instagram + Twitter

  • Generation X (1965-1980) is on Facebook + Instagram + LinkedIn + Pinterest

  • The Baby Boomers (1946-1964) meet on Facebook + Pinterest

  • YouTube has users of all ages, but is growing faster on GenX and Baby Boomers. And in people over 70 years old!

Increase your reach in networks through a program to defend your brand

It's not about creating matching lycra uniforms and masks, but something much simpler. Every brand has:

  • People who do not know it

  • An audience that knows you, but is not yet a customer

  • Sporadic users

  • Usual customers

  • Defenders at all costs

Well, it is the latter, who will help you boost your reach in networks. And they will love doing it because they adore you and want to be part of your project. Locate them and give them a special treatment. Encourage them to promote your products. A discount can serve, or create an exclusive club.

If you have one or more micro-influencers in your follower group, so much the better. Of course, influencers, high-level or micro-niche, are not easy to come by and you may need to make an investment in micro-influence marketing.

Make automatic lists and rely on technology to increase reach on social networks

In many cases, increasing the reach in networks means spending more time on them. However, this investment in hours does not have to be eternal. It is true that you should study your audience to see what type of content works best.

But once this is done, you can use online tools to share your content automatically on the networks of your choice.So studying your target audience serves you for a long time.It is true that you should audit the results at least once a month, but this is much less work than doing it daily, right?

Social media advertising

Paying ads on different social networks is also a good idea, although we do not recommend that you start here. If you're trying to increase your social media reach by yourself, it's best to experiment with the free methods first. Once you know what content your potential customers receive best, make the leap to paid advertising.

Accompany social media posts with powerful and engaging images

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a timeless saying that retains all its value. Above all, in a medium like the Internet where immediacy prevails and your potential customers do not read, but scan. Adding stunning photos, animated gifs and even videos to your network content greatly improves the 'shareability' rate. The more attractive a content is, the more it will be shared. And the more content is shared, the greater your reach.

Reuse your content on different networks. Be careful with the format!

Creating content takes effort and time. If you outsource that content creation, you must also invest money. So it seems reasonable that, to increase the reach in social networks, you optimize the content created. For this you can change the format in which you present them and adapt them to what is most appropriate for each social network.

You can share your blog posts in infographics and share them on Pinterest. You can turn them into presentations and upload them to SlideShare or YouTube. If you have written several posts on the same topic, turn them into an e-book.

These are just some of the techniques you can use to increase your reach in networks. Remember to choose your ideal social network and, if you are looking for a complete strategy, let us know! At Century Digital Marketing we specialize in social media strategies to increase your business’ success.

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