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7 Steps to Create the Perfect Slogan for Your Business

The meaning of a slogan is a short and original formula that is usually used in advertising or in politics. The definition is correct, but we want to go one step further and explain how to create a slogan in a simple and effective way. The slogan is not just an original text, it will define the mission of your brand and will serve to make contact with the consumer in a simple way.

You could say that the main objective of the slogan is to publicize your brand. However, a slogan will not only help you sell more. When creating a slogan you must take into account the prominence it can acquire. The slogan will define your values ​​or your proposal. It will get consumers to sympathize with it, to remember it and to identify it with you. For all these reasons, the process of creating a slogan should be taken very seriously.

The slogan of your company should be a short, creative, easy to remember phrase that describes what you want to reach your audience. Creating a slogan is not easy, but we will try to help you. There is no doubt that for a slogan to be successful it must be thought according to the brand and philosophy of your company. If you are wondering how to make a slogan, we will show you 7 steps you can follow to create one for your business.

What to keep in mind when creating your company’s slogan?

The advertising slogan or slogan is considered by many experts as the most effective advertising medium to attract the attention of a certain product or company. This may or may not be true, but what is clear is that it plays a decisive role in commercial competition. A good phrase can make your brand always "stuck" in the minds of your customers or future customers.

The first thing we must do before writing a sentence is to think about our target audience. Recognizing and defining it well is essential to know what their needs are or what they prioritize when consuming a certain product. Address your slogan to your audience, make it fit their tastes and expectations and you are sure to succeed.

Another issue to keep in mind is that the phrase you choose must always match the image you want your business to convey. Make sure it goes with your company philosophy and with your business plan.

7 steps to follow to create a slogan

When creating your slogan you must take into account the characteristics of a slogan. Your slogan should:

1 Be short and direct

A slogan that is too long can make it difficult for the reader (consumer) to understand. You should create an easy-to-read slogan that gives a clear and concise message.

2 Be effective and easy to memorize

The tagline should be easily relatable to your brand. In this way, you will facilitate their memorization in the consumer's mind. The goal is to make consumers memorize your business’ slogan to the point that they remember the name of the brand when they hear the slogan.

3 Be creative

Surely you have heard that everything is invented and that it is very difficult to invent something new. However, the new brands continue to generate new slogans that had never been invented. Get creative and come up with a slogan that represents your brand values.

4 Impact the audience

When creating a slogan it is important that you impact your audience. Listening to it, your consumers must feel motivated to do what you are going to propose.

5 Describe your product or company’s philosophy

The slogan must be aligned with the philosophy of your company. It is important that, although your message must be creative and impactful, you do not lose sight of the values ​​and mission of your company. What does your product cause? What needs does it cover?

6 Meet the expectations/needs of your target audience

When creating a slogan you have to imagine who is going to hear it. It is essential that you know the target audience you are going to target. How would you talk to them? What vocabulary do they use?

7 Make a difference with your competitors

Observe your competitors to avoid falling into the same topics. Your slogan must be unique and different.

How to create a slogan that makes a difference?

Make sure your slogan really differentiates you from your competitors. This may be in relation to a specific characteristic of your product or the services you offer or the location where you carry out your activity. Think about the characteristic that best defines you, the one that keeps your customers coming back.

It is very important that when creating your slogan everything you say is true, otherwise it will affect the image of your business. In other words, if your slogan highlights the effectiveness of your service, make sure that this happens in practice.

Another fact to take into account when choosing a phrase is that the fact you describe is constant. Look for a quality of your company or your product that lasts a long time, since it would be useless to change your slogan every so often. The slogan has to identify us and therefore, it must always be the same.

The slogan must be part of our company and must be easily recognizable by our employees and by our customers. For that same reason, we advise you not to mention the competition. Imagine that your slogan is “the cheapest in town” and then cheaper establishments appear. Always highlight real and lasting qualities.

On the other hand, it is not a good idea to emphasize low prices, since it is not desirable for our customers to be loyal to us only because of the prices. One last tip, once you decide on a slogan, make sure it appears in your establishment, on your bags, in the advertising you carry out on social media, etc. All of this will make it much more effective. If you would like us to help you with this area of your business let us know! We help customers with all aspects of their marketing strategy.

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