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7 Trends in Social Networks for 2021

2020 was a challenging year for most businesses. Covid-19 changed the way we interact with each other, forcing us to go digital in a lot of different ways. From our workspace, to meetings, to shopping online and communicating with our loved ones through digital means. We have to always keep in mind that digital marketing is constantly growing, so we have to be up to date and prepared for all the news that may arise. Now that we have had to change our lifestyle, digital marketing has gained importance and it is considered essential for every business to appear in digital platforms. For this reason, we came up with 7 trends in social networks for this year.

Memes are here to stay

If there is something we like, it is the content that makes us laugh… And for that, memes are the stars of the party! Not only are they entertaining and attractive, but they are more likely to go viral than other formats. In addition, the memes manage to reach different audiences in a less commercial way and achieve good results without the user feeling uncomfortable. It is also true that sometimes you have to be careful with humor and it is highly recommended before publishing, carefully analyze the possible interpretations that can be given to the meme to avoid the reputation crises.

The videos will be the stars

You may have already noticed that in 2020 there was a notable growth in audiovisual content. It is proven that people prefer to watch a tutorial video than to read a long article. The fact is that for some time now, if you stop and think, everything is found in video format: the social network TikTok, the now famous Instagram Reels, its IGTV channel and, of course, the king of the videos: Youtube. These are clear examples that users like to see who is behind that serious and formal company logo.

And as some social networks have already announced, they also provide us with the function of putting subtitles to be able to understand the video also in case of not being able to listen to the audio.

Increased advertising spending

It is one of the biggest changes that is being noticed since the pandemic began.

Companies are increasing their budgets for advertising on social networks to achieve greater visibility and, with it, greater and better results.

Facebook's business manager is on fire! But advertising budgets on networks like LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest are also increasing.

This increase will cause advertising to raise its prices, so it is logical that the campaigns are left in the hands of professionals, to ensure a good investment and better results.

The user will land on our social networks before making the purchase and if these are not well worked by professionals such as a community manager, a good graphic designer and a copywriter, there is a greater probability that the purchase will not be made because the consumer can get a bad impression about the image of the brand.

Higher consumption of Stories

Not only have we noticed that more and more new stickers and filters are being added to Instagram stories to encourage their use, but due to the great success they have on this platform, platforms such as LinkedIn, Spotify and Twitter have already joined the stories. To some it will seem a lie, but the consumption of this format is already greater than that of fixed posts. Many users connect with the sole purpose of seeing the stories of the accounts they follow. And one of the reasons for this greater consumption in this format is because users like it when we humanize the brand, when we show ourselves as we are and especially if it is on video. So get on with it if you want to make a good network strategy!

New measures to avoid Fake News

One of the main negative things that social networks have is the rapid spread of false news or fake news. For this reason, new functionalities are being implemented to end this digital misinformation. The network where this type of news circulates the most is Twitter and, in addition, in this era of coronavirus they have increased. For this reason, this social network is in the testing phase to implement a "dislike" button or a negative feedback system so that users can negatively assess tweets that we do not like or believe may contain false information. Be that as it may, the big problem with these fake news spreading is because most tend to share the information immediately instead of stopping to see if the source where it is written is reliable or to contrast the information with other means.

Influencer marketing continues to grow

This type of social media marketing is going to change slightly. You could say that it is going to evolve to focus more on brand ambassadors and not so much on the influencer who simply shows a brand's product or service in exchange for getting it for free or a sum of money.

What advantages does influencer marketing bring us?:

- Helps to give greater visibility and reach to your brand.

- Generate an increase in followers that can become your next customers.

- Raises the possibility of targeting a specific type of audience, your target audience.

That said, and returning to the topic of change we were talking about, the influencer strategy is going to focus more on that recommendation marketing or also known as Advocacy Marketing.

The contents that users make to add value or information always generate greater engagement than those that are published in an advertising or commercial tone.

For this reason, users rely more on the recommendations of a consumer of the product (brand advocates or brand ambassador) than on that of an influencer who simply receives a monetary payment for mentioning the brand. Of course, to make sure everything goes smoothly, make sure the ambassador you choose is the right one for your brand

We continue to adapt our strategies to COVID-19

The reality is that this new normal is not being so easy to assimilate and companies have to multiply their efforts at a creative level to adapt their sales strategies and stand out in this pandemic situation in which we find ourselves. Consequently, digitization will continue to be a trend and the percentages of purchasing products and services through e-commerce will continue to increase, given that many buyers feel safer making purchases online than in the physical establishment.

All these trends for 2021 are important to take into account when creating strategies for your business. Social media is very important to the success of every business. For this reason it is a good practice to keep an eye out for the trends expected every year. Your business may need some adjustments and you might have to adapt to changes in social media platforms. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with the Century Digital Marketing team to discuss a strategy for your business let us know!

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