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Benefits of Having a Tripadvisor Profile as a Business

Tripadvisor is among the most popular websites to find opinions about bars, restaurants, hotels or even experiences. Taking these opinions into account, our clients will make the decision to go to one or another establishment.

However for many businesses it remains a mystery. But why is it so important to be on Tripadvisor? Today we will talk specifically about Tripadvisor as a tool to control your online reputation.

Why is it important to use Tripadvisor?

Perhaps you think that for your type of business this tool is not necessary, or perhaps that you do not have enough time or knowledge to use it. However, this decision is not yours alone, although it may seem so.

It is important to know that anyone can talk about your restaurant, bar, or business on Tripadvisor, thus creating a profile about it, without the need for you to have created this profile.

So why not be the one to control what is said about your business?

According to data from Tripadvisor itself, there are 878 million opinions on the platform on 8.8 million establishments and experiences.

Looking at these data we can realize the influence that this platform has and why we should have a presence on it.

Benefits of having a presence on Tripadvisor:

  1. Reach a much larger target audience. Thanks to Tripadvisor we can make our business visible to a greater number of people. Which offers us a great opportunity to expand the number of potential customers.

  2. National and international presence. Not only do we have the possibility that people who live in our city know our establishment, but thanks to Tripadvisor we can get tourists to know us and take advantage of their vacations to visit us.

  3. It helps improve the relationship with our customers. Until now, the relationship with our customers was limited to the time they spent in our premises, however, now we can maintain the relationship with them thanks to this platform. Responding to their comments, both positive and negative, manages to improve said relationship and therefore the vision that our clients have of us.

  4. Opportunity for improvement. If we take advantage of the opinions of our clients, we can find points of improvement and we can learn from our mistakes. What better feedback than our customers telling us how to improve.

Manage reviews

Since Tripadvisor works through reviews, how we manage them is one of the most important functions in terms of using this platform. We must not only respond to the comments that our customers make about us, but we must do it in the appropriate way.

It is very important to give the same importance not only to negative opinions to try to get these customers to come back, but also to positive ones. This way we will be able to retain our customers and even turn them into loyal customers of our brand.

We must also bear in mind that anyone can give their opinion and sometimes this gives rise to false or malicious opinions. Tripadvisor pays special attention to detecting and controlling this type of opinion, but you must also learn to detect them and know how to act when it happens.

At a time when the internet is an essential element for our businesses, not taking TripAdvisor into account could be a mistake. Any user can write and comment on your establishment and, therefore, create a space for your business that cannot be deleted. We believe that as businesses we can include or not this platform within the digital marketing strategy, but never ignore it and leave unattended the opinions that our clients have about our establishment.

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