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Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business allows us to improve communication between client and company, although it can also be used as an internal communication channel in companies.

It is about facilitating many processes that often result in the loss of potential customers due to disagreements, misunderstandings, or lack of information between both parties.

How to create a WhatsApp Business company account?

First of all, the initial step after downloading the WhatsApp Business app for free is to configure your company's profile:

  • Define the company name correctly

  • Determine the exact location of the business.

  • Establish the link to the company's website.

  • Define the offer (products / services) with which we satisfy the needs of customers.

  • Opening hours.

By correctly completing the profile of our company, we will make it easier for our potential clients to find us.

The advantages of WhatsApp Business

  • Integrate landline lines to the account.

WhatsApp Business has offered this possibility knowing that many companies currently continue to use them to communicate with their customers, and vice versa.

  • Sending messages on WhatsApp Business in an automated way

Once our company is registered in the WhatsApp Business app, we now have the possibility of automating welcome messages to users who contact us for the first time. For this, WhatsApp recommends using the desktop version (WhatsApp Web) from which it is easier to segment and determine the automation of the messages to be sent to users.

  • The added value of being WhatsApp

The speed and ease with which we can exchange information with customers would be the added value that WhatsApp Business would mean for this company.

  • WhatsApp Business as an ideal communication channel

Taking into account the high competitiveness that exists in all sectors today, and even more so in the digital one, everything that is to facilitate the lives of our users is good for us, and has a positive impact on our sales.

  • All the advantages of a normal account (groups, video calls, secure messaging, and many more, but oriented towards business.

How do customers access your WhatsApp Business?

Another key factor of WhatsApp Business is that customers, to find companies, do not have to download anything at all.

The client or WhatsApp user, using her own personal account, adds the company contact as if it were that of a normal person. After that, the contact list is searched and a real-time conversation with the company is started.

Tips to make the most of Whatsapp business

1. Add the whatsapp button on your Facebook fan page and share your direct link in your Instagram bio.

2. Greet politely and always use your name to send or reply to messages, complement it with emojis.

3. Constantly update your catalog of products or services, add photos and a brief and precise description.

4. Tag your chats. This way you will have a better organization of your clients or potential clients.

WhatsApp business is a corporate channel that allows you to project a more professional image for your business in addition to allowing you to have more direct and fluid communication with customers. Following these tips will help you improve the shopping experience of your products or services. Let us know if you have any questions!

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