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Benefits of YouTube for Your Brand

Since it was launched back in December 2005, YouTube has been reinventing itself over time to adapt to the needs and demands of both users and brands. Of course, without having to deviate from its original purpose: Offer audiovisual content to inform, transmit and entertain.

Therefore, it is not surprising that implementing YouTube in our brand strategy becomes a fundamental task if we want it to be known. Even more so when the video format is undoubtedly the one that currently receives the full attention of users and provides the best results. Of course, always depending on the objective to be pursued and the target audience we are targeting.

This and other data is vital to establish a video marketing strategy focused on our target audience. But without a doubt, knowing in advance the many benefits that YouTube can provide to a brand will increase the chances of success. Here we present a list of some of the benefits that we must take into account and implement in our digital marketing strategy.

8 Benefits of YouTube for your brand

1 Large potential audience

As of January 2021, YouTube has over 126 million unique monthly viewers. YouTube is by far the most popular online video property in the United States. The platform's mobile presence is also significant, as YouTube consistently ranks as the most popular mobile app in the United States based on audience reach.

2 Audience with purchasing power

It must be taken into account that the favorite public that consumes the most content on YouTube is between 18 and 35 years old. Also, Millennials have become a target audience of many brand campaigns since they were born in a technological age and are considered to have considerable purchasing power.

3 Greater brand visibility and SEO positioning

In order for them to see us more and better on YouTube, it is essential to establish a content strategy and their distribution in the rest of our social networks. We are talking about the second most important search engine in the world. And this is because YouTube is owned by Google. That is why videos are indexed much better and positioned faster and better than any other content.

4 Increase web traffic

The videos that we upload to our YouTube channel will attract much more traffic to our website. This is essential to have it correctly constructed and optimized before starting with our social media strategy.

This way, the flow of users accessing our website will increase over time. Because if we include these videos in its content or information, they will be able to find us faster and easier each time a Google search is performed. But of course, for this you have to use the right keywords, know how to place them correctly and so on.

5 Improve the specific reach to your target audience

Using YouTube allows you to segment your target audience much better. Being able to reach those very specific users likely to become brand ambassadors or potential clients.

You just have to know the characteristic features of this audience and add them properly to the configuration of the videos before publishing them. Specifically, when it is necessary to include interests or topics related to our content.

6 Quality content for all your networks

The content that YouTube generates is invaluable. Not only because of its power of attraction and possibilities of becoming viral, but because it can be used in the rest of your social networks.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are just some of the platforms that will make your videos spread like a virus without control. You just have to adapt these videos to each social network, specifically to the tone and audience that moves in each of them.

7 Less competition

Creating a YouTube channel and running it with dedication and regularity will make you position yourself above your competitors faster and better. When it comes to video formats, people think that it is more expensive and hard to create this type of content. Fact that encourages your competition (if you have it) to be less present than in other social networks.

Think about this ... The fact of standing in front of a camera and recording yourself in an interview commenting on achievements, news, anecdotes or whatever, is more embarrassing than writing it in a post, on Facebook or transmitting it in a simple photo on Instagram.

8 Increases brand awareness and brand recognition

Video as a content creation weapon will allow you to be more present in the memory of the people who see you.

It is a format that not only benefits from its power of attraction and the possibility of your content going viral. Also because it is shown that it is more easily remembered than written content.

As you can see the benefits of having content on YouTube are great. If you decide to start a YouTube channel for your brand just make sure you have your goals in mind with every video that you put out there. It is essential to think about the target audience on every platform because the audience changes and in consequence you need to change your approach. We hope this information is of interest to you! If you have any questions let us know! We would love to help you business succeed in the online platforms.

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