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Brand Awareness: Why is it Important for your Business?

One of the most used terms when talking about digital marketing is brand awareness. It is a vital concept for any business interested in improving its results through marketing strategies, whether online or offline.

Why is it important for your business?

Brand awareness, defined in a simple and understandable way, is the ability of a brand to remain in the memory of the user and the knowledge they have about it. Its offer, its history, what it represents, etc. And even to their relationship (of the user or consumer) with it.

Brand awareness refers to how a consumer feels about a particular brand. If you remember it, if its mere mention or vision causes you any particular sensation. If you associate this with positive memories and also the knowledge you have of their products.

Any business needs good brand awareness. That your name or logo is recognized by a high number of consumers and associated with positive characteristics, as this will result in a greater number of customers. The more people who recognize your brand, know more about your products or services and have positive feelings about the brand, the more loyal customers it will have.

In other words, one of the ways in which you can increase your client portfolio and build loyalty -to the point of turning them into repeating customers- is by improving your brand awareness.

Here are some tips applicable to any business and that you must take into account to improve your brand awareness:

Reaching more people

An unknown brand has no value. The first step to improve your brand awareness happens because you want more people to know you. To achieve this you can use different and varied actions. Currently, it is essential that you implement SEO and SEM strategies and actions that will allow you to make yourself known, remembered and interesting to a greater number of people. Ads in search engines and in the main social networks in which your potential clients are present is essential, as is improving the optimization of your website to naturally reach a greater number of people, for example, through SEO strategies and content strategies.

Improving the knowledge that people have of your brand

It is not enough for consumers and potential customers to know the name of your brand, they must know what it represents, what products or services it offers, what benefits it can bring them. The more they know about your business, the better your brand awareness will be.

How to achieve it? Each brand must design its own strategy based on its target audience, its sector, its current situation and even its competition to differentiate itself from it. Some of the actions that may be interesting for your business are:

Create a blog: you can publish news about your business and related to your products or services. It's not that all your content is self-promotion. You can and should periodically include information about other topics that are relevant to your product or service. For example, if you are a food brand you can publish recipes with your products; if you are a travel agency, make the reader want to go to the destinations you offer with tempting reports. If you are a second-hand vehicle dealer, prepare reviews on cars in your catalog, etc.

Have a presence in social networks: both through paid advertisements and in corporate profiles. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc… So you can show more about your products, services, the needs they cover or the benefits they provide. Create a community, a feeling of belonging to it and increase the value of your brand.

Design email marketing strategies: email marketing is a great way to improve your brand awareness. You add more value to those who have already shown interest in it. This way you can bring them offers, information, make them see the value that your brand has or can have for them, what it can bring them, etc.

Making your brand provoke positive feelings

You must create a strategy based on your products or services. For this, outstanding work in social networks is important. Through them you can reach many people in a way that allows you to associate your brand with the feelings you want to provoke with it. Facebook and Instagram are still the most used. Even so, assess according to your specific sector which one interests you the most.

Showing the value of your brand to the user

A business will improve its brand awareness if it is able to show the user and potential customer how interesting and valuable their product or service is for them. There are many strategies to achieve this, including:

Content marketing: in this way it will allow you to show it on your blog and website through texts, videos or photographs in a clear and close way.

Social networks: through ad campaigns and on your brand profile to reach your community and increase it.

Through email marketing campaigns: where you can show in detail the value of your business to those who are already interested in it to retain them or increase their purchase receipt.

Through micro-influencers: it is not about using famous people, it is about getting closer to your potential clients through the honest and sincere recommendation of people with a great reputation and credibility within their sector, even if their audience is not large.

As you can see, brand awareness is a factor of great importance for any business. It is time for you to discover what your brand awareness is and take the most profitable measures to improve it and increase the profit of your business.

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