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Business-to-Business Marketing

As you may know, some companies target individual shoppers (B2C - Business-to-Consumer) and others target companies and organizations (B2B - Business-to-Business). Digital Marketing applies to both of these, but marketing to businesses is very different than marketing to individuals, there are different strategies for each but this time we will cover B2B marketing in this blog.

B2B marketing targets people in charge of businesses or the people that make purchases on behalf of a company.

Usually these customers are driven by logic and financial incentives, meaning they are more likely to ask for help from a salesperson, also, they often have to confer with other people in the company before making a purchase, for example, their managers. Another characteristic of B2B sales is that customers make purchases for long-term solutions, this usually brings longer contracts and relationships between the two businesses. 

Below are some of the top B2B digital marketing strategies:

B2B Email Marketing

As we have previously mentioned in past blogs, email marketing is one of the best ways to reach a large audience at low cost. This is one of the best strategies for Business-to-Business Marketing because you can inform your audience about news, promotions, new products etc. Since you have already established a relationship with the business when they provided  it’s easier to connect with them via email, and if they have questions or would like a quote they can contact you directly. B2B customers want to know how your business can help their business, so it’s important that you keep in mind the reason behind every email you send them.

B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the content that adds valuable information to the customer, which is exactly what B2B customers are looking for. Remember that the buyer’s process for B2B customers is slightly different than B2C customers, usually, B2B customers have a longer buyer’s journey because there are processes and decision makers involved. Because of this, the content you create for your B2B content marketing strategy may vary from the content used on consumers. It’s recommended to anticipate what your audience is searching for and help them discover your website and content to potentially convert them to customers. 

B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to build brand awareness, it also helps to build a brand personality and an online presence for your business. Just like email marketing, social media marketing is an effective channel for sharing your content and enhancing your brand expertise. B2B social media marketing might not become your #1 lead generator but it helps your customers’ buyer’s journey. It would be a good idea to encourage your employees to share about your company, this helps create a culture for your company and other people can see what’s going on in your company and how it is to work there. 

Marketing requires you to keep your audience in mind at all times. Your marketing efforts should always answer the question “How can my business help your business?” There are many Business-to-Business marketing strategies out there, just make sure you are using the ones that make sense to your line of business and are effective to communicate with your audience.

If you need help creating a Business-to Business marketing strategy let us know! We can offer you a free business proposal!

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