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Century Digital Marketing: THE NEW ERA. Is digital marketing right for my business?

For many businesses, having a marketing plan is essential to succeed. But how can you make sure you are using the right marketing efforts for your business? The right marketing agency will help you achieve that goal.

Working hand in hand with a marketing agency will make sure your business is really out there. Customers will have your brand in mind when they need your services or products. The goal of working with a marketing agency is to create a brand that matters. Every company has the potential to be successful, but a well-designed marketing strategy will increase the chances of success.


Let’s begin by differentiating a marketing agency and a digital marketing agency. A marketing agency creates and implements a strategy based on extensive research, they usually take advantage of traditional media such as T.V., radio, printed media, and more. A digital marketing agency will create strategies specifically to use the full potential of Internet, Social Media and more. They will help you design and develop your informational or e-commerce websites, they will take care of your business’ social media profiles, keep track of conversions, take care of search engine optimization, and more.

Nowadays we are seeing the conversion from traditional marketing to digital marketing. You must have noticed ads that appear before you play a YouTube video, when you are scrolling down on your Facebook or Instagram and also e-mails from different businesses with promotions or information. We are exposed to digital marketing all the time and sometimes we do not even notice.


If you are trying to decide if digital marketing is right for your business, let us give you a glimpse of what digital marketing agencies do. Digital marketing agencies have many tasks for every client they work with. They are responsible for the marketing budget their client places with Google Ads, Facebook ads campaigns, Instagram ads and Twitter promotions. Aside of working with their customers’ budget for these social media platforms, they track conversions, handle search engine optimization, website optimization, e-mail campaigns and content creation.

Many businesses think they can handle their marketing efforts in-house. But unless you dedicate your time to create a full marketing strategy, all the social media posts and emails you send will never equal a solid marketing strategy. An agency might have a multi-person team supporting each other to work on your campaigns or a single person handling all the marketing for your business. Whichever is the case, they make sure that campaigns and deadlines are delivered on time. This works great for businesses that have promotions for holidays or special events.


Whether you have increased traffic on your site, opening a new location, or increasing your social media presence, your focus will be in the operational side of your business. A digital marketing agency can handle the rest. The agency will have expertise, insights and solutions from previous experiences with other customers to help you throughout the process of growth.

Another big advantage is that you and your team will be able to fully focus on their daily tasks and goals like a store opening, training of new employees, operational solutions, etc. Once again, the agency will respond to your business’ changing needs and will have experience on transitioning from one level to another.


Many businesses are starting to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing due to the flexibility and advantages it offers. Take the time to think about the possibility of hiring a digital marketing agency and if you decide to take the next step, make sure you discuss your business’ goals and budget with them. Take into account that it represents a minimal financial commitment compared to hiring a person to work full-time on your marketing strategy in-house or shopping around for the different services which ends up being more expensive than letting one agency take care of everything.

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