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Common Mistakes When Working on Facebook Ads

Advertising campaigns on social media are the opportunity to increase the visibility of the content that is published by brands and companies, as well as to have a much higher probability that the members of the target group become customers and buyers.

However, seven out of ten advertising campaigns created for social networks, especially on Facebook, fall into very basic errors that keep them from fulfilling the objectives set at the beginning of the strategy. From starting a campaign without having enough capital to be able to meet the goals set to the poor development of pieces that complement the guideline.

This article will review the most common mistakes that can be made when building an advertising campaign for networks, in order to avoid it and carry out a strategic execution of the plan that has been proposed for the fulfillment of the objectives.

These are the most common mistakes when working on Facebook Ads:

1. Work with audiences that do not contribute enough

In many cases, consumption profiles are built based on the profile of users who do not have the intention to buy, for example, viewers of web display campaigns, website visitors of traffic campaigns, users who interact in participation campaigns, among others.

These are considered low-quality audiences, so Facebook could find users who do not have the intention to buy, so the consumption profile will not contribute to the campaign.

2. Creative deficiency

Competitiveness in Facebook advertising increases every day, so the advertising material that is shared will have to be of a higher quality than traditional. The formula that is normally implemented in the creative pieces of Facebook advertising campaigns begins by highlighting the problem before presenting the product, in order to create a story in which the product is the protagonist and the solution to this problem. Without creativity the audience will have nothing to relate to.

3. Overloading the user with emotion

If you assign too much emotion to what you are promoting, Facebook campaigns are probably not your thing, since an advertising message should not have to work so hard to convince the user that it is effective.

Patience and logic are fundamental in Facebook ads, everything is a process in which the user's reaction must be respected, if the first three times you notice that obtaining leads is unlikely, do not launch a second ad showing how desperate that you are about to sell, rather focus on creating a much clearer message that follows the same structure.

4. Being intrusive

Similar to the previous point, the advertising that invades the user is one point less to the development of the campaign that is being carried out. If you do not allow the user to use their mobile devices in peace you will earn a skip and lose an opportunity, make sure you do not create a rejection effect towards your campaign.

5. Abusing the same post format 24/7

A couple of points ago we explained the importance of making reasonable and effective use of creativity and innovation, that is, if you stay with posts or videos all the time, your community could get bored of you. The digital world offers a high availability of options that you can take advantage of.

6. Not learning consumer behavior

You may have already identified your target audience and the way they behave, however, you must continue to think about how you can reach them and make your relationship with them contribute to your strategy in an effective way.

Advertising campaigns are an effective method of promoting a product, its performance depends on many factors, including the level of knowledge you have about your target group, the language with which you communicate with them, the way you approach the problem in the copy, the respect that you give to the client's personal space and above all knowing that you are working with an audience that will correspond to your messages and may become your clients.Taking these errors into account will be the main method to avoid them, and at the same time, create advertising campaigns that can meet your objectives.

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