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Content Marketing

Did you know that 82% of people feel a positive connection to a company that uses content marketing? When it comes to marketing, everything is supported by content. Content marketing is about providing relevant and useful content to your current and potential customers. Your goal as a company should be to create content that takes you to a good conversation which will eventually bring you sales.

A good way to benefit your company by using content marketing is the use of stories. We as humans are emotional by nature. Storytelling opens the door to growing a connection with your client base by appealing to them emotionally and making the information about your product or service easier to understand. With the right story you can evoke a lot of feelings! Happiness, sadness, empathy, urgency, and more. One of the main advantages is that you will be telling a story not a sales pitch, so the customers should be willing to hear you out. And, with the rapid growth of digital channels, it’s important for you to transform your company’s story, your products or services on different online platforms. 

So how do you make your story stand out from the rest of the stories we found online every day? Follow these tips! 

  • Make sure your story addresses the needs of your target audience and you solve them. Your story should have a purpose bigger than itself. 

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Become a credible source for your customers, build trust and loyalty.

  • Make sure you’re creating content as often as you possibly can. The frequency should be based on what makes the most sense for your business. Remember, consistency is key! 

  • Be sure to use the mediums your target audience is most engaged with. This can include your social media sites, or your website’s blog.

The importance of content marketing is growing more and more each day. People want to feel connected to a brand and they want to know the product or service they are choosing is the best option. Content marketing will help you appeal to your target audience and communicate the benefits of your product/service in an effective way. Hopefully this blog has helped you understand more about content marketing and its importance.

At Century Digital Marketing we create engaging content that is relevant and useful to your prospects and current customers. Contact us for a free consultation!

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