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Don't Get Lost In Translation

As the world becomes more and more globalized, companies of all sizes are trying to appeal to different audiences inside and outside their home country. If your business is reaching out to an international audience it is important to have a multilingual content marketing strategy in place. 

What is Multilingual Content Marketing? Multilingual content marketing means expanding your marketing efforts to your customers and potential customers in more than one language. If you are looking into growing your business and developing a strong presence outside your home country, you have to make sure you are speaking your audience’s language.

The main reason why multilingual marketing is important is because studies have shown that people prefer to buy in their native language. Consumers find it easier to read websites, blogs and shop in their own languages. And you might think that there is a lot of people that use English as their second language. Wouldn't it be the same for them to read in English if they can understand it? And if they don’t understand a word or phrase... there is Google Translate to help them out! Possibly… but what if they are approached by your competitor in their native language? Will they still prefer to buy from you? 

Please consider that not every business will benefit from multilingual marketing, you need to examine your own business to make a decision. Here are a few questions that might help you determine if you should use multilingual marketing:

  • Does your product or service have a potential audience among speakers of other languages?

  • Do you have a way to execute a multilingual marketing strategy with the use of your resources? Or do you have the budget to pay for a translator?

  • What will happen if customers contact you in a language that you don't understand? Do you have the support from your team to answer to those messages?

Benefits of using Multilingual Marketing

When foreign speaking customers read content in their language, they feel comfortable and this level of trust between the brand and the customer results in purchases and ultimately brand loyalty. Also, we believe that having a multilingual marketing strategy expands your brand’s reach and the cost is minimal compared to the benefits it will bring you. Please consider that not every business will benefit from multilingual marketing, you need to examine your own business to make a decision. 

Gain a competitive advantage

There is a strong relation between multilingual content and the likelihood of a customer making a purchase. Reaching to potential customers in other languages not only promotes business growth but allows consumers from other countries to appreciate what you offer and make a connection with your brand. 

Expands your target customer base

The internet is becoming one of the most important means of communication. The need for multilingual customer service representatives has become one of the main focus for organizations. With the help of multilingual digital marketing you will get noticed by global customers. This will result in the expansion of your business to different markets. You don't need a brick and mortar office or store to enter a new market. The only thing you need is a translator that understands the language and the market you are entering. It’s very likely that your competitors are ignoring non-English speaking audiences. For this reason, it is important that you consider starting to plan and implement an international digital marketing strategy soon.

Multilingual marketing is cost-effective

Rather than thinking of multilingual marketing as an added cost, think of it as a tool that will make you compete with other businesses and give you the chance to make a profit. As previously mentioned, Google Translate seems to be a good alternative for many people but it can have its errors. Your audience may be confused by the words that have multiple meanings and this can result in a frustrating experience for them. One good alternative is hiring a translator or a team of translators that will ensure your content is well translated. This will generate more traffic and will result in conversion rates and sales.

In conclusion, a well-organized multilingual digital marketing campaign will bring new business and reputation to your brand. Take your product or service to an international customer base through the use of multilingual marketing. Don’t miss out on potential customers. Plan accordingly and your chances of success are great.

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