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e-Commerce Must Know

eCommerce explained

eCommerce refers to any business transaction conducted online, the most popular is shopping. Nowadays, most of the stores we visit have a website where customers can place an online order and pick up in store or have it delivered to their home address. eCommerce has grown incredibly over the years. 

Why is it worth considering? 

The benefits for the consumer and the businesses are endless. Customers can place an order online from the commodity of their home, either using a computer, tablet or even their phone. They can order from stores that don't have a physical presence in their cities and even from online stores that don't have a physical store anywhere such as Amazon. 

Businesses are also learning to take advantage of the many benefits of eCommerce. As previously mentioned the most remarkable advantage is: they can reach a global market. Physical stores are limited to a geographic area and are constantly worried about foot traffic. Unlike physical stores, an online store has the world as its market. Another benefit is that online stores have no business hours, it is always open. E-Commerce offers a personalized online experience, this can enhance the shopping experience for the customers. The tool needed to make this happen is a personalized landing page. By segmenting your email lists you can retarget customers that have visited your page and/or bought from you in the past. 

In addition to all the advantages, eCommerce carry lower costs than physical stores. Having an eCommerce website will save you on rent, advertising, and staff. There are plenty of advantages that we can think of. We believe that regardless if you have a physical store or not, an eCommerce website is worth considering. As long as you have an appropriate business plan and the right products there is a lot of potential.

Factors that influence the success of eCommerce websites

When you decide to start an eCommerce website there are some factors worth considering to increase the chance of success. First of all, you need a great web design. Customers will be more willing to buy from your website if it has a good design. Also consider that it has to be user-friendly. The last thing you want is for them to close the tab because they can’t find what they’re looking for or they don’t know how to navigate your website. 

The second factor is customer support. Make sure you have a good team of customer support. Consumers like to feel appreciated and need someone to answer their questions. The third factor is to have high quality product images. Pictures have the power to convert browsers into buyers. The better the picture the more chances the customer becomes interested in the product and adds the item to the shopping cart. 

The last factor we would like you to consider is the importance of having a Unique Selling Point (USP), this refers to the aspect of your product or service that differentiates it from your competitors. A unique selling point is an integral part of a company’s branding strategy and it helps to set your brand apart from others. It also helps you brand to make a good first impression and makes your brand stay in the mind of consumers. Keep in consideration that a combination of these factors is needed to make an eCommerce website work well. 

In conclusion, make sure you have a business strategy in place to start your eCommerce website. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or not, eCommerce will bring a lot of potential to your business. If you are considering exploring the eCommerce side for your business, we can definitely advise and guide you on how to get started with your eCommerce website. 

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