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Essential Components of a Blog

Before starting your promotion plan on social media platforms, you must know the characteristics of a blog and how it works

Basically, this platform is a constantly updated information blog with the aim of attracting traffic and strengthening the prestige of your brand as an authority in its niche. But do you know what are the essential components it must have to make a positive impact? Here we mention them.

1. Welcome page

Welcoming your new visitors in a warm way is essential to build trust. Therefore, it includes a welcome page where you briefly explain what your company is about, its mission and if you prefer, a bit of its history as well. The content should be simple and interesting and you can include it through a static page at the beginning.

2. Blog header

It is the upper main part that includes the name of your company, some welcome line or advertising phrase that identifies it, as well as the logo. Remember that the logo will be the identification of your brand in digital media, therefore, it must have a simple and attractive design at the same time.

3. Navigation bar

It is one of the most important blog features, as it will help visitors to navigate comfortably. So if you want to catch the reader's attention at first glance, put it at the top and add just enough sections to avoid any kind of column saturation.

4. A right sidebar

The main purpose of a blog is to create a comfortable reading experience for your users, providing them with valuable information, and to achieve this you must include your main content on the left side of the page and add a bar on the right that serves as a guide for your audience.

In it you can add the most popular or the most recent articles so that the public can access them quickly. Also, you have the possibility of incorporating a subscription form to the blog or newsletter.

5. A search bar

We are talking about one of the essential characteristics of a blog, since it allows users to find in seconds any topic of their interest and that you can offer them. Your blog must include it, without exception, and preferably you should position it in the upper right with the symbol of a small magnifying glass that is easy to recognize for your readers.

6. Social media icons

Among the most relevant blog features are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn link icons. By including these direct links to your social networks, you can invite your blog visitors to follow you on those media. To do this, you must add the icons to share on social networks in each individual entry of your blog or at the bottom of the website. This way, you help your content to spread on Social Media with greater speed and reach.

7. Blog archive

Knowing exactly what a blog is for is a job that requires time and effort. Through this, you will discover that you have created a digital library with information of interest, which will generate great benefits for your brand.

Therefore, you must create a file that contains all the publications of this digital medium classified by years and months. Navigation through this section should be simple and fast so that your readers can find any relevant information whenever they want.

How does a blog work to attract leads?

To capture the leads you want, include a subscription form to your email list. Once you collect the data, you can start email marketing campaigns later. If you want, offer something valuable in return, such as a downloadable ebook to encourage visitors to subscribe.

Here are some tips to attract prospects:

Visual content: one of the essential characteristics of the blog

A corporate blog will never be complete if it doesn't have enough images. Include only the necessary ones, both on the main page and in the individual blog entries, to avoid overloading this medium. Also, you can include videos according to the needs of the content to achieve a more attractive effect.


Another important feature of a blog are the comment boxes to start productive conversations with each of the users and answer their questions or suggestions. You can do it in the following way:

Knowing what a blog is and how it works is an essential task for anyone who wants to position their company or personal blog. Therefore, take into account each of these elements and include them in the design of your blog to improve the user experience and ensure that they enjoy your content when they visit it.

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