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How to Create an Irresistible Offer and Captivate your Audience

A product offering has several key elements that make the difference between being profitable and catastrophic. It is not enough to be good, you also have to appear so. An irresistible offer is a captivating proposal that shows your potential client the transformation that your product or service can have in their life. It is so good and so persuasively presented that it is more difficult to reject it than to accept it. An opportunity that the client cannot miss.

In an online business, you don't have to be aggressive. Not only because you don't have as much room for maneuver but because you decrease the value of your product or service if your offers are too aggressive.

Your irresistible offer has to boost sales and your prestige. The idea is to create an offer that will increase sales and keep clients coming back to buy your product repeatedly or try other products you offer.

Creating an irresistible offer brings numerous advantages to your business:

  1. You empower your authority Shows the market that you have a super attractive offer, which represents a real change for your clients and positions you as an expert.

  2. You connect with your ideal client Your potential client feels totally identified with the problems or needs that you solve.

  3. You reduce the cost of customer acquisition Communicating clearly, explaining the benefits and the transformation they entail makes you need less impact on your audience to sell.

  4. You increase your sales and your turnover By creating an offer that improves your customers' business and being able to transmit it, you sell more.

Now we explain the steps to create an irresistible and successful offer:

1. Create a memorable name

It's about creating a name that stays in the mind of your audience, that is, one that is easy to remember. It doesn't have to be a super shocking name, but it doesn't have to be any more attractive and catchy. Also, give each product or service a name.

2. Offer a transformation: A Solution

People want to know how you are going to help them:

Old-fashioned marketing focuses on the features of a service, modern marketing focuses on the benefits, effective marketing focuses on transformation. How do you change the life or business of your clients?

It is essential that you put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. And for that you have to know it thoroughly. The transformation you cause in your clients is your promise, what you promise will happen if they hire you or buy your product. Obviously, you have to promise something that you can deliver. To do this, you have to know your client well, their problems and how to help them achieve their objectives. Otherwise, your reputation will be seriously damaged.

3. Bring value

The survival of any business depends on the value perceived by the customer being greater than the value they have paid.

And it is not about lowering the price, instead, provide the maximum possible value, so that it is profitable for you but that it is much more profitable for your client, because the transformation you generate in their project is enormous.

What brings the most value is a product or service that generates a transformation in the life or business of your clients. Focus on adding value.

4. Offer attractive packages

Just as there are tourist, hotel or spa packs. Do the same with your services. Include the main offer plus a complement (or bonus) that generates even more value for your customers.

Bundling your offer also means offering several in a single pack. You don't even need to cut the price, although adding a small discount helps.

5. Payment Plans

Many times the potential customer wants to buy but has a problem. Generally, if you are buying an expensive item, you do not have the money to pay it off at once. Or you want to pay it with a specific payment method and not with another.

We recommend that you choose at least two different forms of payment and the possibility of paying in several installments, especially if it is an amount that people do not usually spend often.

6. Create urgency and limited number of items

Give it a deadline, most of us are procrastinators and will wait until the end to do things, same happens with customers, you won’t see the sales spike up the first day of the offer, it will be on the last day. Also, limited units create more urgency because they don’t know how many you have left. The phrases “Limited quantities available” or “While supplies last” are a powerful way to get more customers to your doors.

7. Offer guarantees

There are two types of guarantees:

  • Money-back guarantee: if you're not satisfied, I'll give you your money back.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: I assure you that you will be satisfied.

The money-back guarantee seems better from the customer viewpoint. If they buy something from you and they don't like it, they can return it and you return the money. But, it is not always possible to apply this guarantee.

For example, if you design a website and the client does not like it, then you will have to make them like it (satisfaction guarantee). You are not going to pay them back after all the work you've done.

When it comes to minimizing risk, anticipate potential objections from potential buyers, all those questions that are asked before buying and that can lead them to reject your offer.

Like, "How do I know it works?" What if it's not what I'm looking for ", and so on.

To solve them, prepare the typical frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answer them clearly and positively. You can also provide a form of contact, such as a chat or email.

When your offer contains these 7 elements, your chances of selling increase exponentially, just make sure you focus on the client and your bottom line. Creating an offer is not about lowering the price, it’s about so much more. Take into consideration your product/service, the customer experience and the profit you will make. Let us know if you would like to set up a meeting with the Century Digital Marketing team to discuss your marketing strategy.

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