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How to Create Instagram Stories to Generate Interaction with your Followers

What are Instagram Stories and what are their main features?

Instagram Stories consist of pictures or small clips that disappear after 24 hours from their publication. Its ease of use and great acceptance by the public have made this function a very important tool. Keep in mind that the followers of your account and even all the people who access your profile (if it is not in private mode) can see the Instagram Stories that you publish.

The initial intention of Instagram Stories was for users to share photos and small informal video pieces about their daily activities. Over time it has evolved to become a very effective form of marketing and advertising for companies. Let's see how to take advantage of it!

Main Features

Instagram’s features are focused on achieving better engagement with the user in two different ways:

  1. Adding emojis and other fun effects that make our company or brand look closer and more accessible.

  2. Through surveys or questions that your followers can ask you and that, together, allow you to obtain feedback from the user, resolve their doubts, know their opinions about our products and anticipate their needs.

These are some of the features that you can incorporate into your stories on Instagram:

  • Swipe-up. This feature is only enabled on Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers. In these cases, the user can access the option "See more" and, from there, is directed directly to our website, where you can expand information on our company, brand, products and / or services.

  • Surveys (A vs B). This feature gives you the opportunity to ask questions of our followers so that they interact with our content and can give us their opinion about our products and services. This information can be of great value to us to develop new products or updates, as well as to detect areas for improvement. The results obtained can be shared with the audience.

  • Users can ask us questions and raise doubts. It is an optimal format for our followers to get to know us better at the brand level and to get the most out of our products and / or services.

  • Swipe Meter. This feature allows followers to rate or rate our products or services.

  • Drive traffic to our "wall" through images that we have posted in our Stories.

  • Stories Highlights. This function has a very specific utility: it allows you to save the Stories in our biography.

  • Hashtags. We can incorporate hashtags into our Stories to help make them more visible and go viral.

  • Mentions Thanks to this function, the mentioned user can share our content.

  • Location. We can share our location with the audience, making it easier for them to find us.

  • Emojis, stickers, and GIFs. It is possible to add GIFs, emojis or even Snapchat-style masks (dog, cat, cap, mobile glasses, etc.) to our photos and videos. It is an easy and fast way to add an original and fun touch that helps us to impact the audience and give a more relaxed, relaxed and close image of our brand or company.

Why introduce Instagram Stories in our digital marketing strategy?

Instagram Stories are highly effective when it comes to generating engagement with users. This is probably their main advantage and the number one reason to use them in our marketing campaigns. On the other hand, Instagram Stories can also be used as a direct communication channel with our followers and to drive traffic to our website.

Next, we would like to explain each of the advantages of Instagram Stories in detail.

Advantage 1. Generate engagement with our followers

Instagram Stories has a series of functionalities that allow you to connect and communicate with your followers and clients, whether real or potential, in a fun and informal way. This enables you to humanize your brand and bring it closer to your audience, interacting in a relaxed way with your audience.

Advantage 2. Make our brand known

The second great utility of Instagram Stories is to publicize our brand, make it more visible, make our potential clients and the general public know of its existence and keep us in mind when they need any of our products and / or services.

How to make Instagram Stories really shocking?

The objective is to create Stories with small videos and images that manage to hook the audience. We have to sell experiences, create sensations, share testimonials and comment on news.

It is very important to create audiovisual narratives that impact quickly. Don't forget that they are short pieces that disappear after 24 hours! The videos are short, so there is no time for great explanations: we must try to appeal to the sensitive part of the audience or create humorous pieces that have a lot of rhythm and that attract attention.

In addition to entertaining them with entertaining and original videos, don't forget to use Instagram Stories in another aspect: that of a direct communication channel with your followers.

Advantage 3. Drive traffic to our website

Instagram Stories allow us to bring traffic to our website, which can be achieved in three different ways:

  • Link in the bio. The only clickable link on Instagram is your bio link. It is a good opportunity to attract traffic to your account, where you can offer products, promotions and, in this way, give it greater visibility.

  • By creating a link in the Story. This is the swipe up function for accounts with more than 10,000 followers. To add the address of your website you just have to click on the link icon of the chain that appears at the top of the screen and add the URL of your website.

  • Instagram Shopping. Companies can include stickers of products or services in the Stories to directly integrate information about them and, even, that the user can buy them directly.

As you have seen, Instagram Stories are a very valuable tool to generate engagement with your audience, learn more about it, communicate with your followers in a much closer way, increase your audience, and, ultimately, generate more publicity. attractive.

Along with the great expectation that they are capable of creating, Instagram Stories can also generate a strong feeling of attachment between the user and the brand and a very intense level of interaction. Users can directly access our website, answer surveys, ask us questions and, ultimately, achieve a more direct approach between client and company.

In short, we recommend that you take advantage of all the functionalities that Instagram Stories put at your disposal to connect with your network of followers and expand your audience. As you have seen, the options are endless. If you are interested in Social Media Management services for your company, let us know and we can set up a meeting to discuss your goals and objectives!

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