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How to Get the Most out of Hashtags on Instagram?

The purpose of hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags help us organize and categorize the content of the platform. Through hashtags we are able to find new content on Instagram. If used well, hashtags can allow us to reach potential clients, increase our network of contacts and followers, and increase engagement. The ideal is to analyze the metrics of our Instagram and see what is working better for us in our specific case.

How to choose hashtags?

For each post we must use hashtags totally related to the content we show. If we use a hashtag that is a trending topic because it has many views, but our content has nothing to do with it, false expectations will be created and users when entering and viewing our post will give them mixed feelings. The hashtag used must always be related to our post.

Constant observation of our environment and our stakeholders: what hashtags do the leaders of our sector use? And the influencers who work with our same theme? What about the competition? What hashtags does our audience use the most and for what purpose?

As we said, it is essential to analyze the metrics of our account to see which hashtags are working better and worse for us. We can do it from tools with which we manage Instagram. Or if we have a business account, we can use "Post Insights" within our own Instagram company profile, by clicking on the icon in the form of statistical graphs.

Use the social network's own search engine to search for keywords related to your market niche. You will be able to see which hashtags the network offers you and in how many publications each of them has been used. You can click on each one that is interesting to you to see what type of posts are being shared, etc.

How many hashtags should we use?

Each brand is a world. The ideal is to study and analyze which hashtags to use for each specific case, since there are many factors that can influence obtaining better or worse results. But generally speaking as a knowledge base, we should not use more than 11 hashtags. This can be overwhelming for the user and create an image of despair. Normally the maximum number of hashtags to use on Instagram is 8-11.

Brands can start by using 1-3 hashtags and see how it works and decide what is the ideal number of hashtags on Instagram according to the specific metrics of the account. In any case, it must be clarified that we should not choose a number and use the same number of hashtags in all posts. It is about testing and varying. It does not have to be a problem that in one post we use 2 hashtags and in another 11, as long as they are well selected.

Hashtags on Instagram specifically

When we talk about the use of hashtags on Instagram… Are we only talking about the posts? Definitely no! Instagram has multiple options to take advantage of hashtags. We can use them in our posts, in our profile bio (for example, with a branded hashtag), in stories, on IGTV videos, on reels or on Instagram captions.

Something to keep in mind is the frequency of use of the same hashtags. If we always use them, the user who constantly perceives this repetition may see it as intrusive or similar to spam. We must alternate different hashtags, vary and test, but without using the same hashtag that has consistently worked well, because we can "burn" the audience. It is not about locating our star hashtag and repeating it again and again, but about testing, updating them, staying up to date with news regarding hashtags on Instagram, etc.

On the other hand, it is also important to interact. We cannot be one-way, post and wait for everything to come alone. If we see interesting content according to the different hashtags that we are investigating, let's participate. Let's like, comment, discuss, mention etc. An active presence on social networks is not just about posting and posting. Creating a community is more than that.

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