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How to Position your Website in Google in 2021?

If you are reading this article, you probably have a business with a website that you need to rank better in Google. But, as you may already know, the trends awarded by the search engine change frequently, so it is important to be up to date and know the keys to position in Google in 2021.

However, before going into it, we will talk a little about where we come from to better understand where we are going. How has organic traffic developed in recent years? What changes has Google undergone in its results page and its algorithm? What opportunities does this offer us?

Organic traffic in recent years

As you may know, Google has absolute control over the use of search engines on the internet. The sum of Google, Google Images and Google Maps has 92.3% of the market share of searches in networks, globally.

What happens on social media with organic traffic? On Facebook, for example, 10 years ago the organic CTR (Click Through Rate) reach was very good, it was over 26%. Currently, we find that the reach percentage is below 0.30%. These data show that it is less costly to publish organically on networks.

But ... How has organic traffic evolved in Google searches? In recent years, organic traffic on desktop has been quite stable, but it is worth highlighting the significant drop that it has suffered on mobile phones.

On mobile, the situation is quite unusual: in just two years, organic CTR has decreased by 30%, “no click” searches have increased by 20% and paid traffic has doubled.

Why has organic CTR dropped so much?

At first glance, it is very easy to identify the main reason for this drop in organic CTR on the search results page. Currently, the only thing that differentiates an organic result from a paid one is a subtle "Ad" in front of the non-organic link. When analyzing this change in trend, another important element must be taken into account: features snippets.

The appearance of this format, a few lines with short answers to direct questions after a Google search, has favored the increase in “no click” searches. If your page develops featured snippets, it is very likely that you will lose traffic, but without a doubt you will gain visibility, since the general trend (especially on mobile) is not to click if the information sought is already obtained with the features snippets. When it comes to positioning in Google, if you are below the fifth position it is very difficult to receive clicks, both on desktop and mobile.

What opportunities does the current situation offer us when it comes to positioning in Google in 2021?

The trend that we have analyzed so far can also mean new opportunities for you when it comes to positioning in Google. Among the most significant, it is worth highlighting:

  • The big drop in organic CTR will make us work with TOFU (Top of the Funnel) keywords that, often, have no competition in Google Ads in order to obtain a better CTR.

  • If we work well with featured snippets and structured data, we can be positioned on these pages and achieve greater visibility.

  • Knowing well the zero clicks phenomenon will make us lose visits, but being aware that now SEO also goes through zero click visibility.

  • We have to think more about the buyer persona, their user experience and their search intention.

  • Build audience loyalty through maximum engagement tools, such as high-value communications, newsletter, blogs etc.

All these opportunities will be key when it comes to positioning in Google in 2021, and those businesses that know how to incorporate these reflections into the design of their strategy for next year will surely obtain great results.

Google is leading us to a scenario in which it will be necessary to invest more resources in marketing to achieve very similar results. For this reason we must focus on working content in depth, content that does not lead to a simple answer.

It is being shown that those businesses that apply inbound attraction techniques are usually positioned among the top five results. This automatically means getting more traffic.

As you can see, everything is related, but if there is one thing, it is that Google is making things more difficult for those who do not enter into the strategy of quality content. If you feel that your business could grow more with a strategy that includes all these points we discussed, do not hesitate to contact us! At Century Digital Marketing we work with our clients to make sure they have a full digital marketing strategy in place and reach their goals!

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