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Ideas on How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts

How many times have you seen “Swipe Left” on your Instagram feed? I think we are all very familiar with this popular phrase! Instagram introduced us to carousel posts back in 2015 and it seems to be working well for a lot of users. Instead of posting many times, they get to make one post with up to 10 pictures or videos in it. 

Here are some ideas on how to use Instagram carousel posts:

1. Show before and after pictures or videos

If your business is dedicated to improvement such as home design, a beauty salon, home improvement, etc. it would be a great idea to visually show the benefits of using your product or service. This will show your audience how well your product or service can work for them too. Some pages that do this kind of posts are: The Container Store, Lowes, Home Depot, Living proof (hair products) 

2. Recap

If your business has been part of an event recently, making a carousel post can work well to make a recap of the event. Your followers can swipe through the pictures and videos of your event and get to know more about your company’s culture. Some ideas would be to use a carousel post when you have an open house, when you go to a business expo, and when you have a party, for example christmas party. 

3. Customer reviews and testimonials

Another way to use carousel posts is to include customer testimonials. This is a good way to maintain current customer relationships and generate new leads. People like to read other customer reviews before deciding on a product or service. A carousel post can make it easier for them to hire your service or buy your product! 

4. Process demonstration

Demonstrating a process is a great way to attract potential customers who might be looking into buying a product or trying a new service. If your business offers products or services that provide long lasting results, you can use carousel posts to show the progress and how it has benefited your customers.


5. Show brand culture and brand personality 

Many companies have started to include more posts about their company culture. They share pictures of the people who work at their company and what they do. Also, some companies have taken to social media their “Employee of the month” or employee appreciation posts, sharing a little bit more about the person’s accomplishments.  

If you haven’t started using carousel posts as part of your marketing strategy, you should definitely consider it. As we mentioned, these posts are very helpful for businesses that want to post a lot of content without upsetting their audience. Remember that social media is one of the best ways to show your audience your products and services.

We recommend having a strategy in place for the use of your social media. At Century Digital Marketing, we offer social media management services, contact us for more information!  

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