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Instagram in 2022: Updates That Are Taking Place This Year

The arrival of the new year for many means change, renewal, a new beginning... For apps, it means a month or year full of news in the form of updates. In this post, we are going to review the news on Instagram that will be going to take place this year.

What's new on Instagram

Instagram has confirmed that in 2022 it will surprise us with new features and updates in order to improve our user experience.

Option to go back to the chronological feed

At last our prayers have been heard and throughout the first quarter of 2022 we will once again have the option to order our feed in chronological order and not based on the algorithm. This is undoubtedly one of the new features on Instagram that has aroused the most interest among the users of the application, since they have been claiming it for a long time.

The algorithmic feed will continue to be an option also for those people who decide to view the content in this way.

If you choose to set up your feed chronologically, you can set a "Favorites" list that will show up at the beginning of your feed, so you don't miss anything they post.

Videos will be more important than ever

In a global strategy where video will prevail (to face the unstoppable TikTok), several new features have been incorporated into Instagram for content in video format:

  • Stories up to 60 seconds

Currently the stories only lasted up to 15 seconds. If you wanted to upload a slightly longer video to your stories, Instagram would cut it into sequential parts. Throughout this year, the option for our stories to last up to 1 minute will be incorporated. The fact that the stories are longer will make us spend more time in the application, consume more content and creators can make better stories.

  • Reel Boom

Although in 2021 they already wanted to give Reels a big push by making them appear both in the feed and in the Explore section as well as giving them their own button in the central part of the menu, this year their use will continue to be promoted and improvements will be made. Although they have not yet gone into detail on how they will improve this part.

  • Music in Stories

Another new feature for Instagram is the ability to add music directly to stories without the need to add the corresponding sticker.

  • Editing in carousels

We consider ourselves a big fan of Instagram carousels. But nothing is cool when one of the published photos no longer convinces us and we have to delete the entire carousel. This year, Instagram will incorporate the ability to delete one or more photos within a carousel, without the need to delete everything.

  • Greater protection for minors

In their fight to protect minors from inappropriate content that can (unfortunately) be found on Instagram, adults will no longer be able to tag minors in posts or mention them in Stories.

Also as a new feature, when a minor has been viewing the same topic for a long time, Instagram will begin to show another type of content, thus preventing minors from becoming "obsessed" with the same topic. In addition, in March of this year a tool will be launched for parents with which they can see the time their children spend on the app and set a time limit for use.

Other news for Instagram

There were other announced news that Instagram will gradually develop and implement in our apps, such as changes and news about messaging and how it integrates with Facebook and WhatsApp and the mass removal of photos and videos from users who were minors when they uploaded that content and no longer want it to be visible.

As you know, Instagram changes constantly and adds new features to keep users engaged in the app. This is important because it makes sure that the algorithm is improved and fake accounts have a harder time. If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your goals in social media let us know! We offer a free consultation for your business and a free proposal!

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