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Instagram Insights: How To Use It?

Going on Instagram is one of the daily activities of many people. It is for this reason that a big part of the companies with an online presence participate in one of the most important social networks in the world.

Your business’ presence on Instagram is very important, but it is even more important to monitor the results obtained through it. This is essential for the success of any Marketing strategy.

Here we will show you a little more about Instagram Insights and how this tool can improve your business page success.

What is Instagram Insights and what is it for?

Instagram Insights is a super complete (and free) tool that allows you to monitor the results of each action taken on this network. Through it you can measure data from each of your posts and your stories, the behavior of your followers and other information that can help you determine your strategy.

How can Instagram Insights help you?

You will be able to make more successful posts and stories. With the data that you are going to obtain, you will be able to focus on content that causes the best impact, because you are going to give your audience what they want. You will discover what is working and what is not. Through this tool, you will be able to evaluate your content and change your strategy to publish what really gives you results.

You will know your followers better. You will obtain all the data you need about your audience with Instagram Insights, with them you will have the opportunity to create segmented ads.

Is it necessary to use it?

First of all, not all profiles can use this resource, to use it you must have a business profile: Instagram Business. If you don't have it yet, don't worry!

If you already have a profile on Instagram, go to settings by clicking on the gear and select the option: “Change to a company profile”. When you change your profile, Instagram will ask you to connect it to your company page on Facebook. In the event that you still do not have it, Instagram will direct you and you can create it at the moment.

To finish, do not forget to complete the additional data that you can add in this type of profile: e-mail, telephone and address. From this data you can create buttons so that your followers can contact you or know how to get to your store, for example.

Once you have a business profile, you can start using Instagram Insights!

How to use it?

If you just created your company profile, it may take a while for the information to update, but from then on you will be able to monitor all your actions on Instagram. To access this information, you must click on the icon of the 4 bars on the upper right side of the screen. With this tool you can obtain the following information:

Post Metrics

When accessing these metrics, all the publications made in a year are automatically displayed, ordered by the number of impressions, but you can filter them as you deem necessary and obtain all this information:


It is the number of times that one of your publications is viewed, regardless of whether it is the same person who views it more than once.


This is the number of people who saw your post. If the same person sees it more than once, only one will be counted.


This is the total number of likes and comments your post had. It is possible to separate the total of likes and the total of comments.

Times saved

Count the number of people who saved your post.

Metrics on stories

By accessing these metrics, stories sorted by impressions for the last 7 days are automatically displayed, but you can also filter them as you see fit.

In addition to being able to monitor impressions and reach as in publications, there are other data that we can monitor metrics about your followers

Through these metrics you can discover valuable data about your audience, and thus make specific publications for them.


You can easily visualize a graph that will indicate the percentage of men and women among your followers.

Age range

This graph shows you the age range of your audience, but you can also filter the age range of women and men separately.

Main places

Through this metric you will see where your audience is, you can filter it by city or country.

Followers per hour or day

With this very useful function you can discover the best time to make your publications. You can find out what are the hours of each day of the week that your audience is online. You can also filter only the days of the week and discover which day they connect the most.

As you can see, Instagram Insights gives you all the data you need to improve your Marketing strategies within this social network and in a very simple way. The only thing that the tool does not allow you to do is export the data in a file. When you want to view the information, you must access the application to collect the data manually and create your reports yourself. Either way, the data is there for you to use however you want. Rest assured that they will be of great help to your strategy.

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