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Instagram’s Newest Feature: Reels

Instagram has developed a new function to create music videos of a maximum of fifteen seconds that users can share in their stories, similar to those of the TikTok application, which has been gaining popularity recently. The new option in creating stories has been called 'Reels' and it allows the user to create their own music videos by choosing the music they want from a catalog or by borrowing it from other videos.

These stories must have a maximum duration of fifteen seconds and in them you can also choose their playback speed before sharing them. In addition, the 'Top Reels' section is incorporated into the 'explore' section where the most popular videos shared publicly will appear.

To access this new function, users have to go to create a story, where the option 'Reels' appears, along with others such as Super-Zoom and Boomerang. There, the user will find three options to create their music video which are audio, speed and timer. Regarding the audio, the user can record their video silently or, if they click on this option, choose the song they like the most from a music catalog provided by the platform, as well as borrow the audio from other videos they find. within the social network.

They can then start recording their video, which must be no more than fifteen seconds long. To select the duration of the video, you must click on the timer option, being able to record short clips in a row, or a full one in a row, until the 'reel' is completed.The user will be able to edit their video before publishing it by modifying its speed with the speed option or with the new editing tools of the platform that allow adding a filter for the transition between video clips, and making 'timed texts' so that words appear in certain scenes.

Once the process is finished, the user can publish their story, share it with their friends or send it to other users. In case you decide to make it public, it could be placed in the new section within 'explore' called 'Top Reels', where the most popular 'Reels' will appear. Stories with 'Reels' will disappear after 24 hours like any story published on Instagram, unless the user places them in highlights within their profile.

If you are interested in this new Instagram tool, you should also try using TikTok and Reels to reach new audiences, with different and attractive content for the people who are using the application. It is not the same as an Instagram post, for this reason you must change the tone of what you are saying in order to reach more people.

Remember to stay updated on the latest trends, you must be the first to know about these new changes and apply them to your content strategy. Brands must adapt to this new Instagram tool to be able to make themselves known in a more dynamic way and closer to their public. It is a matter of time to see how Instagram will further enhance this new tab for content creation. If you would like to incorporate Reels to your social media strategy let us know! We have social media management packages you can benefit from!

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