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Instagram SEO: How to Get Discovered

A few months ago Instagram enabled the search for keywords in the discovery section. This allows us to search for specific content without having to visit Hashtags. This is a big advance and makes it easier for our target audience to discover our content. Now, how can we take advantage of this new tool?

Keyword search

Now that Instagram has enabled the search for keywords in its search engine, we can search for certain topics of interest without using hashtags. This also means that our target customer will be able to access our content by placing the keywords that describe our business. Knowing this, how can we optimize our SEO in 2021?

Dedicate yourself to a specific niche

Instagram classifies each account by the keywords used in its bio and content. So, depending on the content that you show regularly. Instagram will put you in one category or another. That is why it is so important to define our content pillars, those topics that we will constantly touch that are of interest to our ideal client. If we talk about everything a bit, Instagram will not know how to categorize us and will end up showing us to the wrong audience.

Optimize your biography

One way to make sure that instagram places us in the right category is by optimizing our bio and placing keywords that describe what we offer. Nor can we forget that our username and name are still "searchable" because of what the words we put in it will place us in the list of accounts recommended by Instagram.

Optimize your captions

The "explore" section shows us the content that it considers we would like according to the type of accounts we follow. So it is important that we are placed in the same category of accounts referring to our area. To do this, we must create content of interest to our community and this content should always be related to what we offer. It will be the key words of the caption related to our item that will dictate who will see our content.

Descriptive hashtags

We must ask ourselves how our public will look for us when they need our services or content. This will give us more clarity around which keywords we should most use to create our hashtag list. The more specific and descriptive, the more direct the line of contact with our potential client will be.Nor should we forget to pay attention to its size. The more popular it is, the more difficult it will be to position ourselves in its top

Alternative Text

The alternative text is nothing more than the description of the photos we post on Instagram. This we cannot see with the naked eye and until recently we could not edit it. Nowadays, Instagram allows us to write our own "Alt Text" allowing us to place the keywords that not only describe our photo, but also our content. This is a new way of communicating to Instagram how it should categorize our account and with which accounts it should relate to us.

Remember that social media networks are always making updates and changes to their apps. For this reason, it is important to keep up to date with the enhancements and news. We must adapt to these changes and create content consistently in all our platforms to have a better positioning and for potential client’s to find us. At Century Digital Marketing, we create specialized digital marketing strategies for each business. Let us know if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your business’ goals.

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