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​​Instagram Updates and How to Use Them to Grow

In recent weeks, Instagram has shared several updates and today we want to share the most relevant ones.

Not only that, we also leave you ideas and tips to make the most of these tools.

Sticker Add Yours

This new sticker collects the stories of all the participants and is ideal to invite your community to share their experiences.

Creating yours (or participating in the sticker of others) will increase your reach by making accounts that do not follow you discover your account.

Tips and ideas

-Create your sticker based on the interests of your ideal client

-Create giveaways or incentives to boost participation

-Boost user generated content to promote your product


Now you can tag other brands and influencers as contributors. Unlike the normal tag, your content will be shown in the tag of your allies. This way it will be easier for their followers to discover your profile.

Tips and ideas

-Create a shared reel where both accounts give advice

-Create giveaways that promote interaction

-Ask your customers to share a photo in your store with your product or service and invite them to tag you as a collaborator. They will gain reach and you will gain organic content for sale

Link sticker

Whether or not you have a website, sell online or not, this sticker will help you boost your sales.

Don't have a website? Ideas for using the sticker:

-Cross audiences and bring your community to content on other platforms.

-Create a freebie in PDF format, save it in Google Drive and share the link so that your community can download it.

-Share your link to Whatsapp so that your community can schedule a meeting or contact you outside of Instagram.

Schedule your Live and practice

Now you can practice without going "Live", schedule your "Live" and share the invitation in a post.

Tips and ideas

-Use the live videos to give value. Create a presentation with images and text as support material.

-Make live videos shared with allies and other experts to increase your reach, you can even invite your audience to participate.

-Create a post inviting your community to LIVE. Add valuable content and an introduction to the theme of the live.

Automatic synchronization in Reels

Have you seen the trend in reels where the videos and photos are in sync with the music? Now you can do this within Instagram in just seconds.

Tips and ideas

-Do not forget to choose a trendy song. It will only work if it is a song from those offered on Instagram.

-Instagram only allows you to add 10 photos at a time. You must tap the gallery icon to add more material.

Musical filters

Instagram created new filters to create content with music

Why use them? It allows you to follow the musical trends of Instagram, they are dynamic and entertaining and you can get incredible results in just seconds.

Publish from the Web

Do you have your art on the computer? Now you don't have to transfer your images to your cell phone. You can create your post from scratch from Instagram web.

How to use it? Just go to and tap on the "+" button

Reels section in Hashtags

Reels now have their own hashtag section. Using them in Reels will allow you to position yourself and increase our reach by appearing in the search for our niche.

The best? You don't need to have thousands of followers to rank.

Tips to use hashtags effectively:

-Use 3-5 hashtags. If you use more you could confuse the algorithm and it will not know how to position you.

-Use specific and unpopular hashtags that describe your content and account. So those who use it as a search engine will find your reels.

-Use them to find inspiration and relevant content in your niche in Reel format.

We hope this information is useful and you can apply it to your strategy. Instagram and all the other social networks change often, remember to keep up with these changes to have your social media updated and keep in contact with your audience. Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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