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Is the Pandemic Changing the Marketing World?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do business in all aspects. Every company has been impacted one way or another. Unfortunately, there will be businesses that will not survive this pandemic.  The temporary closure of businesses and the suspension of social interaction are having major effects on the economy of the U.S. and economies throughout the world. A big portion of the population in the world continue to follow stay-at-home orders while other people are starting to open their business following the government’s guidelines.


As a result of the big changes we have had to face, people are shifting to digital mediums for communication and economic transactions. This presents an opportunity for businesses to shift their marketing efforts to digital marketing with the objective of maintaining your brand awareness and helping you stay in contact with your customer base. The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing has already begun to take place. In the past few years we have seen businesses invest heavily in digital marketing and the results don’t lie.

As of today, people are spending more time at home, using their phones, tablets or computers to stay connected with other people. An effective digital marketing strategy could help you capture the attention of your audience and turn leads into sales.

Here are some changes we have noticed during the pandemic:

Increased budget for social media ads

As we previously mentioned, people are staying at home more than ever, consequently they are checking social media more frequently. Businesses have started to allocate a bigger portion of their marketing budget to social media ads to increase brand awareness and engagement with their audience. This trend is expected to increase as more people spend more time on social media and more businesses continue to put the effort into engaging with them and releasing creative content.

Website content with new messages

Your current website content should be updated with a new message regarding the new guidelines you have in place , information on how to purchase from your business, if there are any delays on shipping, curbside option or delivery etc. If you have a product or service that could benefit people during these hard times, your website should include this. Also, make sure you have CTA’s (call to action) buttons on every page and a “contact us” form or chat where customers can reach you easily. A good practice is to double check your message to make sure you are using the right words especially during difficult times like these. You don’t want to offend anyone because it will affect your business.

Increased optimization of websites

Search Engine Optimization has never been more important. Improving your website’s SEO will help it perform better in search engines and will attract more people to your website, which ultimately can transform into sales. New content will keep your website fresh and up to date. Now is the perfect  time to create and share new content for your audience as they are spending more time on the web. This includes blogs, newsletters, infographics, and other types of relevant content.

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the interest from traditional marketing to digital marketing. More and more businesses are reaching out to digital marketing agencies for help. If your business doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy in place, now is the perfect time to start working on one. We believe it’s never too late to make the shift, as long as you decide to make it, you will be fine.

As of today, we don’t know for sure how long the coronavirus pandemic will last and what effects it will have on the economy.

If you would like your business  to survive the pandemic, and keep going strong when times get better, teaming up with a professional digital marketing agency can help your business survive. Our team at Century Digital Marketing specialize in online marketing including web design and development, SEO, and social media management to help businesses achieve their goals. Ask us where to get started!

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