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Keys to Optimize your Instagram

Have you noticed that your Instagram results have been changing overtime and are not as good as before? With the latest updates and changes to the app, the Instagram algorithm has changed. This affects how users' posts are displayed and consequently the results they get.

The first thing is to follow a content marketing strategy on Instagram. This consists of generating content that is interesting, valuable and relevant to your audience. Therefore, one of the first steps you should do -before anything- is to fully know your audience.

Know your audience through Insights

The first thing that you need is to have a professional account for your business.

To do this, go to Settings> Account> Select Switch to professional account. From here, it will take a few hours to collect all the data from your audience. If you are an account that has just started, you need at least 100 followers for Instagram to show the statistics. After this, the Insights option will appear in your profile for the last 7 and 30 days. Through Insights you can find:

General information such as accounts reached and interactions with the content.

Audience: The breakdown of followers, you will be able to see:

  • Followers increase or decrease graph

  • Featured places where your followers are concentrated, by country and city.

  • Age and gender ranges.

Busiest times, this section is used to know what day and at what time to post, since it tells you when your followers are using Instagram (and they are more likely to see you if you post).

Content you have shared: posts in the feed, stories, IGTV. Here you can also see a series of metrics such as reach, likes, saves, profile visits and more. All this is very useful information to find out what is liking the most and get your own conclusions to guide future content.

Here we have 5 ways to optimize the Instagram algorithm to ensure better results: 1. Prioritize the newest content

Instagram constantly introduces new features in the app so you don't stop using it. The most recent? The Reels without a doubt. That is why, to encourage the use of this new format, the Instagram algorithm gives more importance or value to the Reels than to the fixed publications of the feed.

If you haven't noticed, Instagram is so eager for us to use (and consume Reels) that it is even entered in the Explore section. And that does not happen with stories, for example. Use all the tools that Instagram puts at your fingertips, especially in stories. Add a countdown, hashtag tag, music tag, etc...

2. Create content where the user spends more time

Another thing that the Instagram algorithm takes into account to categorize content is the time that users spend viewing or interacting with it.

Create video content that is crafted and adds value

How to do it? With these formats:

  • Videos: both in the feed, as stories, Reels or IGTV

  • Carousels: Make sure to put on a cover that captures attention and can create expectations to find out more by swiping through the image gallery. Do not put the most important information in the first slides, but in the last ones.

  • Vertical images and videos: the 2: 3 size is perfect for mobile phones since it occupies a little more of the screen than a square post (in some cases up to full size) and thus you will get your followers to spend a little more time watching your content.

Another thing that also helps the Instagram algorithm see that your content is relevant is through the time a user spends looking at your profile. For this, it is very important to keep an orderly Instagram feed.

3. The video format adds

Create video content that is crafted and adds value. Do not upload the first thing that comes to your head, or introduce a simple animation. That is, because an image has movement added (and it is converted into video format) it does not mean that it will have a higher performance than an image. The important thing is that the content is of value and is cared for and curated.

4. Be constant

Organize and plan your content (feed, reels, stories, IGTV) based on the week or month. The important thing is consistency. Try to be present on the app every day, post a story, reel, post or interact with followers in some way.

5. Choose the right metrics

Likes are no longer a main metric. And sooner or later they might disappear from the app. The Instagram algorithm now prioritizes other types of interactions: "saves" and comments. These metrics imply a more "human" behavior thus moving away from spam accounts and buying followers or likes. Visualizations also give you an idea of how successful a video has been.

In conclusion, Instagram is a very versatile application that offers many alternatives to its users to use it. Use all the tools that it puts at your fingertips and you will be able to optimize the Instagram algorithm, and it will reward you with greater visibility and greater interactions. If you are ready to start a new chapter in your business let us handle Social Media Management for your business and create content for your page!

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