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Marketing and Graphic Design: A Match Made in Heaven

Marketing analyzes the market and knows what products to sell, how and to whom. The design communicates a message efficiently and adds differential brand value. With their union unique, interesting and striking projects are achieved. For this reason, marketing and design become great allies for different digital strategies.

In this blog we will share with you how graphic design is a fundamental element in any digital marketing action, in what strategies it can be applied and what are its benefits.

Graphic design beyond an aesthetic question

Graphic Design is what communicates a message visually. Either through images, icons, illustrations and texts. The goal is to communicate an idea or concept clearly.

Even if our service or product is the best, we must make it stand out from the competition. The use of visual stimuli is essential to attract attention. Presenting the brand with a striking, effective and innovative design can become a great boost in our digital strategy.

To create a good design you have to develop a concept

The design process can be considered a challenge if we take into account that it always starts from the existence of a problem to which a solution must be sought. In all creation processes we find a message that must be transformed to achieve the desired effect on the user who receives it.

Through different communication channels, graphic design can make long and even tedious information look attractive and interesting. To create a good design, you have to develop a concept and think of solutions for the deficiencies that are identified.

Design and digital marketing used correctly through the appearance of the brand (logo, typography, colors, content ...) can improve engagement and invite the user to interact. Knowing who it is aimed at and developing an appropriate corporate image will strengthen the customer's connection with the company.

Design and marketing, the perfect combination for your strategy

In addition to giving personality to the brand by generating sensations through digital branding, the main reasons to include graphic design in digital marketing are:

1. Less time, more information

The way of consuming information has changed in recent years. There is a trend for faster and more visual reading. That is why the way it is presented has to be adapted. The same information that can be ignored by the user, taking into account the colors, the distribution of the elements and the amount of text, we can make it catch the user's interest in a short time.

2. Impact and visibility

We gain visibility, the content is highlighted and becomes an option for users. We not only create conversions, we also generate awareness, generating relevant recognition. The connection with the customer is strengthened by influencing the purchase decision.

3. Digitization

When transforming a company and creating a digital strategy, the relationship between design and digital marketing is essential to achieve a successful result. A good design allows you to know who you are, what you do, what you offer and the values ​​that you promote and project with your corporate identity.

4. Digital marketing and graphic design applications

Marketing design is present from the generation of ideas with the creation of sketches or storytelling as in digital graphic pieces, in landing pages or applications. Even in the presentation of projects.

The main marketing strategies where we can rely on the design to reinforce them are:

-Management of the corporate blog: using images that accompany the texts, appropriate fonts and colors, affects a practice of optimization and treatment of the corporate blog as part of the content strategy of the project. In this way it entertains the reading and makes it attractive.

-Campaign creation: with a good dose of creativity we can stand out from the rest of the competition's advertisers with more powerful and effective messages.

-Social Networks: always adapted to the different formats and sizes of each one of them, maintaining the aesthetics and visual essence.

-Website: maintaining the visual identity and considering essential elements for marketing such as the user experience, the hierarchy of the elements or the weight of the images. The challenge is to create a creative site that has a positive impact and has the best user experience to reinforce the credibility of the company.

-Email marketing: with the help of the copywriter, visual weight, structure, attention calls and interactive banners are defined.

In short, the union of marketing and design communicates a message efficiently through a series of elements, guidelines and rules. Through this linking of both, it is possible to forge a memorable image in the mind of the potential client in a short time. In addition, it is a constantly changing discipline so the creative and communicative possibilities are endless. You just need to have something to say, express or tell your audience. Let us know if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss a marketing strategy that includes graphic design for your business!

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