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Marketing and Sales: Two Fundamental Teams to Boost your Business

Marketing and sales departments are a key element for the profitability of any business. Therefore, it is important that there is good communication between these two areas, this way all the objectives can be properly aligned, thus preventing problems that may directly affect the income of your company.

This is where we understand that to generate profitability, it is necessary that all parts are optimized and work in the best way. But how can you generate a positive and collaborative relationship to obtain the results you expect?

To understand this, it is important that we know and learn what factors must be taken into account to create a perfect harmony for these two fundamental areas of your company.

1. Include sales as part of your content strategy

Although content marketing is one of the most popular elements of digital strategies, sales teams almost never use this resource. In most organizations, this team usually does not find relevant content for their area, causing them to completely forget about the existence of this material.

Here we can find, first of all, that one of the main elements for both the digital marketing and sales areas to work is that you need to create an approach so that they agree on what factors, tools and materials are relevant to them. This way, it will be possible to establish when is the right moment to use these elements and it will be possible to establish how to access it.

Keep in mind that the sales content must always be in accordance with each of the stages of the buyer's journey, thus getting the opportunity to train your prospects based on the products or services you offer them, so that in the future you can begin to visualize them as a new customer.

So what kind of content should I create? Although this point depends, to a large extent, on the structure of your company, the industry you belong to, the target audience you want to reach and the sales process you carry out, there are some tactics that work to support your team. Here are some of them:

• Blog: With this type of content you will have the perfect place to help your potential clients to resolve the concerns they may have about your product or service.

This is a great support for these two areas, since they will be able to simultaneously have the necessary information to answer the questions of your prospects.

• Customer testimonials or case studies: In any company we can find that it is obvious that sales people love having good references available to share with their prospects.

This is because this type of content is of great help because it serves to add greater credibility for your brand in the market, gaining the trust of new customers who are interested in your company.

• Brochures: Having this element on hand will be vital for your company because you can easily list your products and / or services to get an initial approach with a potential client that can turn their interest into a possible sale.

• Sales script: Without thinking twice there is nothing worse than a salesperson who tries to tell you about a product or service as if he were reading you a script. It is for this reason that you can count on the support of marketing experts who will be able to provide the sales team with a set of prescribed phrases that they can use during conversations they have with customers. This type of content can give the sales area a point in their favor because they can carry out pleasant and fluent conversations that can convince future buyers.

• Email templates: Ideally, there should be a pre-designed email for each type of interaction your sales team has with a customer or prospect. For this reason, it is recommended that both the sales team and the marketing professionals meet and design these templates together, since in this way they can transmit the information they need in a creative way in each email.

At this point we understand that it is important that you schedule a monthly or quarterly meeting with these two departments to review and discuss what are the needs and updates that your company has had, in addition to knowing what type of materials are essential to achieve the objectives of the business.

As a matter of fact, you will be able to analyze the performance obtained during a specific period so that in this way it is established which will be the necessary optimizations to achieve the best results.

2. Inbound Marketing

Thanks to Inbound Marketing, businesses have been able to transform the way the sales team is structured. Previously, marketers were seen as those who only looked for a way to beautify the brand, but were not supposed to get sales. Instead, sales experts were seen solely as responsible for carrying out business deals.

Therefore, they were considered as two departments that should never work together and much less needed to be related to each other. However, the evolution that has occurred in the digital world has led to this fact being radically modified, since as greater sales opportunities appear on the Internet, they have led to the transformation of these two areas being inevitable.

This has been achieved through the coordination that has occurred between marketing and sales through SMART objectives and the execution of Inbound Marketing strategies from the conversion funnels between these two areas. This conversion occurs during the transition from an anonymous person to a potential customer, and this, in turn, becomes a lead.

These types of strategies can be used by both the marketing and sales teams, since they can each work with their own funnels and merge them into one, thus achieving more agile and accurate customer acquisition.

3. With marketing and sales working together you will generate new opportunities for your business

Currently, many companies within their business areas are beginning to apply innovative strategies that focus their efforts on creating a relationship of trust between buyers and sellers.

For this reason, it is important that the seller has the support of marketing experts so that they can better understand the needs of potential customers, thus designing speeches that are persuasive and that they can provide the customer with related information. in the products or services that your brand offers.

In fact, it is important to understand that today B2B sales are complicated, some negotiations can take a long time and the potential customer needs a lot of prior information before making their purchase. That is why sales, and especially B2B, need to start having a unique approach and this is where the support of new innovative marketing strategies is needed.

With the creation of these strategies, better negotiations can be achieved through an integration of the sales team and the marketing team. With this planning, the company will have the certainty that lead conversions will be generated, by creating effective techniques within these two areas we will be able to capture the largest number of quality leads.

This can be achieved through actions that will be reflected once you integrate and transform these two areas, gaining benefits from this integration such as:

• Gain better communication between your areas: By achieving closer communication between the areas, people will be able to connect more clearly, avoiding communication errors that harm the business.

• You will be able to define common objectives: By managing a good integration between these two areas, it will allow you to define common objectives that are much more aligned with your business.

• Generate qualified leads: When we achieve a successful unification between these two departments, one of the benefits that you can acquire is the generation of suitable leads for your business. This happens as a result of combining the analysis of the public and the direct contact that one has with them, a closer relationship of trust with customers can be achieved.

All this has led us to understand that digital marketing has provided companies with a new way to create and establish strategies that orient efforts to the needs of customers. Leading companies to begin to prioritize this balance between the marketing and sales team to achieve in this way the growth of your business. Let us know if you are interested in a meeting with the Century Digital Marketing team, we will gladly give you a free proposal for your business!

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