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Marketing Strategies for Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, and businesses should prepare their strategies with enough time. There is less than two months for the madness of discounts to flood the streets, our emails, SMS and social networks. And as an online business, it is not recommended that you get caught off guard, so get down to work to start preparing your Black Friday campaign.

It is the best opportunity to increase sales and it is that, both the Black Friday weekend and Cyber ​​Monday, are two of the dates with the most orders of the whole year. Some consumers take the opportunity to do their Christmas shopping and others simply wait with their cart ready for these promotions.

These are days where users move on impulse, why? Because as soon as we receive the offer on our smartphone, we click directly on the link to redeem that discount coupon and make the product ours. We know that these are promotions that last a short period of time and even that the stock may run out, so purchases through mobile phones increase even more during these promotional days.

For this reason, we have to reach our client through mobile. More than ever. These online purchases that we make are more on impulse than ever, users do not wait to get home and connect from the computer to close a purchase, they do it through the smartphone, so the strategy ideas that we offer are very focused on them.

Before you start your strategy we recommend: Segmentation. We are insistent with it but it is one of the main keys to be successful. It is not the same when you address and speak to a recurring customer than when you speak to a new one. And you may be interested in giving an even more powerful discount to a recurring user of your ecommerce than to someone who doesn't even know you.

Take your database for a spin and divide the audience according to your goals. Remember that loyalty is one of the most important points of any company so, take advantage of that Black Friday campaign for it too.

Marketing Strategies focused on Black Friday

1. Create Expectation

Your followers should know if you are going to do some kind of promotion or not, they will wait to make that order that they wanted to make. So go announcing through the channels that you usually use that the day is approaching, do a kind of countdown and thus in addition to creating content and having the public "hooked" you will be able to succeed in your Black Friday promotion.

2. Take Advantage of Social Networks

It is important that everything that happens in your company is reflected on social networks. Through them you must tell your followers what is happening on your website: the discount coupon to save, the duration of the promotional campaign, special products that you are going to take out on the occasion of Black Friday ... In addition, it is usually a good channel to solve the doubts of the clients. It is one of the most popular forms of support and customer service today.

3. Remarketing

After the first strategy of notifying through social networks of everything that surrounds these promotional dates, you must also consider remarketing to succeed. It is a good opportunity to hit the nail on the head and offer that Black Friday or CyberMonday discount to those who have already visited your website and have been viewing one or more products for a while. Do it a few days before so that your customers can prepare themselves so that they can buy that item that they have seen so much with an amazing discount.

Remarketing has a wide chance of success, so one of our recommendations is that you give it a try.

4. Email Marketing

Ideally, we use all the channels we can for this campaign because it is really important and beneficial for us. For the mailing strategy, create a calendar and invent a storytelling to keep the reader eager. Start for example a few weeks in advance and go little by little, sending reminders.

If you do it this way, it will cost you much less to make emails as commercial as those on Black Friday. And the same will happen for your customers, if you make them less promotional they will tend to open these messages in their inbox.

What techniques should you use?

But, on a day when sales are raining, with competition threatening at every corner, how can we attract customers to our store?

Without a doubt, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are hectic days in which the key to success will be to stand out and persuade.

  • Offer a good shopping experience for your customers

Whether you have an online or physical store, it is an essential requirement to offer a satisfactory experience at all times of the purchase process. From the moment the user starts looking for information to the after-sales service. Every point of contact, at every moment of our client's life cycle, must be satisfactory.

If you have a physical store, create a warm environment in which the user is comfortable and takes care of customer service at all times. In an online store, a responsive design, the usability of the site, the structure of the information and the design, must respond to the concerns of the consumer.

A shopping experience that extends to other aspects such as product shipping, after-sales service or return facilities.

In the case of e-commerce, distance can be an easy obstacle to overcome, because by sending text messages online you can confirm the purchase, report the status of the order and offer after-sales service. All through a simple immediate and direct sms. Just the type of communication that consumers demand today.

In a physical store, you can report the arrival to the warehouse of a product requested by the client, offer personalized information of interest, about offers, events and so on. All this focused on reinforcing the bond with the consumer.

  • Contact your loyal customers

According to Pareto's Law 80% of sales are generated by 20% of customers. That is the importance of having your own database and managing it. After all, someone who has bought before is more likely to repeat the purchase.

We must pay special attention to the most loyal customers, thanking them for their loyalty and making them privileged participants in the company's actions: exclusive offers, private showroom, discount coupons rewarding their loyalty ... These are some actions that you can put into practice this Black Friday.

To the best of your ability, use their purchase history, browsing history or any type of useful information you have about him to make personalized offers based on his interests.

  • Use a multichannel strategy to attract new customers and data

Social networks, e-mail, physical store, loyalty card, web, blog ... there are multiple points of contact you have with your target.

Each one of them is a data capture source that can feed the rest of the channels as well. Take advantage of the available means to capture the data of your potential customers, and thus be able to use them in the following campaigns.

Use all the channels and strategies that you have at your fingertips to publicize all your promotions: paid search engine ads (SEM), remarketing ...

Black Friday is not only a day to sell but also to place ourselves in the minds of consumers for future purchases.

  • Offers, gifts, coupons and discounts

It is clear that "Black Friday" is the day of promotions. Offer a gift for the purchase of another, promote cross-selling, making a joint offer of related products, and use the classic, but effective, discount coupon.

  • Ease of Payment

As we have said, the shopping experience must be positive at all times. Do not forget to provide payment facilities, both in terms of electronic means, and in terms of financing when the amount of the purchase is high. Also avoid requesting excessive information that can slow down the process and cause user rejection.

In any case, for an e-commerce or a traditional store, Black Friday represents a great sales opportunity, so they have to use all the means at their disposal to stand out from the competition and persuade their customers.

To carry out a really effective communication, it is interesting to combine different channels, depending on the possibilities you have. Keep in mind that in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, everyone is going to be receiving hundreds of offers and discounts through different channels. Therefore, your message has to meet two objectives:

  1. Draw attention to your customers

  2. Convincing them to use your promotion

Our advice: create minimalist campaigns in terms of text, get to the point. People want to know three things: what percentage the discount is, what products it applies to, and how to use it.

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