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Marketing Strategies to Apply During Black Friday and Other Sales Events

Nowadays the concept of “sale” has little or nothing to do with the idea people had a few years ago, currently promotions and discounts are given throughout the year, especially in the field of eCommerce.

What does this mean? That sales or promotions are no longer as attractive to customers as they were before, so now it is more difficult to capture their attention.

The first and most important thing when establishing a Marketing strategy to apply in sales and compete with the price is to set the objective. One of the most common among brands is to attract new customers. This is a golden opportunity to increase the client portfolio. Of course, to establish a long-term relationship of trust it is important to offer them a value that goes beyond low prices. Another objective in the sales season is to sell in the short term. They can be of great use to increase sales figures, and even to make repeat customers.

How To Promote a Sale or Promotion?

Communication is one of the basic principles of any Marketing strategy, and during the sales period it is important to capture the attention of current and potential customers. In the middle of the digital age, the variety of available channels and online advertising platforms is very wide.

-Email Marketing

This is one of the most used tools in the field of Digital Marketing. Before the sales period or a promotional day such as Black Friday, it is essential to keep customers informed.Any brand should have a good, quality and up-to-date database.This way, you can launch an Email marketing campaign to inform them of the discounts and products to buy.

-Social Networks

Social networks are one of the main communication channels today. One of the great advantages they offer is the interaction between users and companies. Nowadays, any user can get in touch with a certain brand by sending them a private message on networks such as Instagram or Facebook. In the face of sales, it is interesting to start campaigns on different social networks: live videos on Instagram to inform about the products in promotion, ads on Facebook and so on.

-Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising campaigns work very well to get great results in the short term. And this is precisely what users are looking for during the sales period. It is important that the brand is very clear about the structure of the campaign it is going to launch: ad groups and list of keywords. The Google Ads keyword planner makes this task much easier. Of course, it is essential to have the landing pages ready to direct users to. Ideally, have a landing page for each group of articles and offer.

Here are some recommendations to consider for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

-Modify your physical and online shop window

The viewing time of a shop window is only a few seconds and that is why we have to ensure that in those seconds the client recognizes that it is beneficial and important to buy our product. In this case, we can modify the theme of our business adapting to Black Friday, black backgrounds, strident posters and offers, customers are used to thinking that only establishments that have a good poster that announces Black Friday are going to celebrate it, and the same is applicable to our website.

-Check your stock of old and new products

Black Friday is a good excuse to sell, people look in advance for offers and specific products, study which items are the most sought after in your sector, which ones you have and which ones you don't, on Black Friday not everything is deals and discounts, you can take the opportunity to lower prices of existing products and add new products with or without a discount, normally on Black Friday the stocks of specific products are exhausted, see what they are and make sure they are in your store for those dates, in addition to these new added products. 

-Stand out in the simple Modifying something as simple as the work uniform makes the client notice that something has changed. We propose clothing in bright colors or black with prints or stickers that announce your participation in Black Friday. If you have an eCommerce business, you could change up your social media cover photo and/or profile picture to create anticipation.

-Coupons, the holy grail of the buyer (and the seller) We all like that our regular business rewards our loyalty with exclusive offers and discounts, delivering coupons days before Black Friday makes your customers feel valued and that they want to spend that coupon that you offer them, it can also be very useful that these coupons have a higher discount if the client brings a friend, this way customers will talk about you, recommend you and bring potential future clients to your business.

-The wonder of social networks Many companies use social networks to announce to their customers that they have a new range of products or that some of the usual products have already been replaced, in this case you must be present for Black Friday on social networks, so that users who follow your pages know that you are going to offer them something they will want to buy.

-Knowing the consumer is vital to sell 

We recommend to carry out a survey on your website or social networks where the same customers can select which products they would like to have a discount during Black Friday, knowing what they want is very useful to know what to offer them and how to offer it. In addition, this will strengthen your relationship with the client who now feels heard.

-Efficient advertising Now that Black Friday is approaching and that the word discount and purchase are trending topics, doing advertising campaigns in search engines and social media platforms can be highly profitable, imagine how many people will be looking for discounts, offers and promotions for that day, and how much It will be important for them to see in the search engines that you are one of the companies that can satisfy their needs. Google Ads may be the best option since it structures the results by making them appear to potential customers looking for deals in your sector during Black Friday and they will see you on the first page of the search engine.

We hope these recommendations help you carry out an amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Remember that all these strategies can be combined depending on the business you are in. By now you should have a plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but if you don’t you should start immediately. Also, we recommend checking your website for any glitches and things you would like to fix beforehand. A few seconds can make the difference in an online sale! Let us know if you would like to set up an appointment with our team to discuss website maintenance services and strategies to increase your sales! 

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