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Mobile Website Design

Did you know that mobile devices account for approximately half of web traffic worldwide? Businesses can no longer afford to ignore mobile users. Nowadays, having a mobile website design is as important as the website itself. If your business’ website is not mobile friendly, you should consider getting one, otherwise this traffic might go to your competitors.

More than 75% of people search for local businesses on mobile devices. These users are very likely to visit a business they already did research on and many of these visits result in a purchase. For eCommerce websites it’s also very important to have a mobile friendly website because more than half of their sales are made through the use of a smartphone. 

Making a mobile friendly website is more than just making it fast and making sure the buttons are easy to reach. It’s about designing a mobile website that promotes interaction between the user and the site. It includes good design of text, buttons and graphics. Depending on the type of website you have and how your target customer interacts with you and your industry the mobile version of your website will be different. Some common one click links that should be available are: 

  • Location

  • Phone Number

  • Book Appointments

  • Menu

  • Order Online

  • Offers/Coupons

Customers want to find the information they are looking for easily. To achieve this, you need to make sure your content is designed to make a great impact on mobile devices. That way, customers don’t need to scroll down too much or load too many pages when looking for information. Some recommendations include using simple fonts, using visuals and short paragraphs. Another important factor that can get you to make a sale is a Call To Action button (CTA). These buttons are used to take users to the next step in a clear and easy way. CTA’s are usually short and clear. Some examples include “Subscribe”, “Text me the link”, “Sign up” and more. 

Users are often on the go. For this reason its recommended to place search bars in a strategic place, because they are more likely to use it than the menu. Give your mobile users what they want with a mobile website design that includes an effective search function. The easier you make it for users to buy in just a few clicks, the higher conversion rates you are going to have.

In order to build a good mobile website design, you must think about what your customers want and their expectations. Understand how people use their phones and interact with different websites. Users want the information they are looking for fast, easy to access and with a few scrolls or clicks. Mobile website design requires research and integration.

At Century Digital Marketing we can help you optimize your mobile website design, let us know if you would be interested in a free proposal, fill the form below and will get back to you!

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