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Product Photography for e-Commerce

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… but we believe that some pictures are worth much more! Product photography is the use of specific techniques to showcase products in a way that potential buyers will feel attracted to the product. Photography plays an essential role in online and offline advertising as part of brochures, billboards, online ads, company websites, and more. 

Product images can tell a lot about the quality of your product, and also serve as the bait to your eCommerce store. Images are the viewer’s first impression of your brand and line of products, and they have the ability to make them browse more and eventually make a purchase or leave the page. It is important that the pictures are good quality because they communicate trust, transparency and value. 

For starters, you want a picture that will engage the viewer into clicking the ad, post or product link. It’s basically the first impression that will set your brand’s image in their minds. Also, you want the images to convert the viewer into a customer. The image should make them continue looking at the page, check other shots of your products, and eventually buy the product. And finally, these images should make the customer stay loyal to your brand for longer. 

Types of Ecommerce Product Photography

There are two main types of product photography that are used on eCommerce marketing:

1. Product-only images

These images are focused on the product only. They usually have a white background and are taken from different angles to showcase the product itself. A good example is the pictures we see of products in websites, where you can scroll down to see more pictures of the same product you click on. 

2. Lifestyle images

These photos usually show the product being used by someone, for example, if we are looking at an image of clothing, there should be a model wearing the clothes. This images can have complementing products, if you are showcasing a dress, you can also show the shoes or handbag. These images are used in social media posts and ads, emails, etc. 

eCommerce websites benefit from the showcase of products in one site. Consumers are able to get recommendations based on recently viewed products and that is usually how they become interested in other products. Brands should always keep in mind the importance of the images they use in their websites as well as in their social media marketing campaigns. 

At Century Digital Marketing, we understand the importance of your product photography. Let us know if you would like to schedule a photography session for your products! We would be glad to do it!

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