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Promotion Plan of a Blog on Social Networks

Social networks have become one of the main sources of traffic, and also allow you to show the personal side of your blog. Having a strategy on social networks and having strategic content will definitely help you to launch your blog. Let’s look at some of the important aspects of the promotion of a blog on social networks.

Choice of social networks

The first thing you have to do is choose well in which social networks you are going to promote your blog. Be aware of your presence in each of them and decide which ones you are going to work on. Be realistic about the time you can dedicate to them to avoid future frustrations. Also take into account the theme of your blog, since there are topics that are more suitable to some social networks than others.

Adapt the content to the social network

It is very important that you adapt all the content as well as the language and tone to each social network. Take into account the formats of the images and videos that you create, since each social network has its own, and it is very unprofessional not to adapt your content to these formats.

As for the language and tone, try to convey the essence of your blog, and keep in mind that there are social networks with a more professional language such as Linkedin and others where the personal side has more room, such as Instagram.

Study the best times to post on each social network

It is important that you publish your content according to the hours in which your audience is connected. Those hours can vary in each social network, so look at their statistics and take it into account when making your posts. If you have a foreign audience, keep that in mind to know what are the best hours for them.

Interact with your audience

The content of your blog is already on social networks. It has been published successfully, now you need interaction with your audience to keep it up!

Don't wait for the likes and comments from heaven to come to you. Interact with your followers, answer and appreciate all the comments as soon as possible inviting them to continue the dialogue.

Also be grateful if they share you, and take a tour of the profiles of your followers to like back their posts or leave a nice comment.

Measure and analyze your results

Only if we measure and analyze the results achieved will we know if we are achieving our objectives. For some networks to give us statistics we have to have professional or company profiles. On Facebook you will have to have a fan page, and on Instagram create a company profile. This way you will discover what content on your blog interests your audience the most and you will be able to obtain valuable information for future publications.

All these efforts will help us to have a blog with qualified traffic and the time invested can be rewarded by monetizing some sponsored articles that are related to our audience.

Now we would like to give you some tips on the promotion of a blog on each one of the main platforms:


At first it will cost you to gain interaction, but here are some tips to share your articles on Twitter.

  • "Follow the 80/20 rule", that is, share your blog content, but share more third-party content that is interesting. This way, they will begin to take your publications into account, you will gain followers, interaction and shares.

  • Start with an eye-catching emoji and headline, and then do a short, highly visual summary of your post content so your followers know what they're going to find.

  • Use hashtags to gain reach.

  • Use an image of your post adapted to Twitter.

  • Something that usually works very well is creating a strategic mention article for your blog. It can be a collaborative article or an article where you recommend to third parties through a list. These contents work very well on Twitter, since when sharing it you must mention or tag in an image the people who have participated or have recommended in your blog post, in this way you gain interaction and great visibility.It is very likely that those people you mentioned share your tweet so you would be reaching their communities, increasing the probability of having more traffic to your blog.


Instagram is a more personal network and in which you can show the content of your blog in a different and close way.

In the feed you can publish an image that you have used in your article, but if you want to impress and have your audience visit your blog, I recommend that you create an infographic in a carousel format, with brushstrokes of the content of your article, leaving the reader wanting the rest.

In the feed you can also publish videos of up to 60 seconds, so we encourage you to record yourself on video telling that you can find the reader on your blog, do not forget to end the video with a call to action inviting the reader to visit your blog.

Stories are a fundamental means of promotion for a blog. Design some beautiful stories, share some brushstrokes about your article, stand in front of the camera spontaneously and tell that you have a new post on your blog. You can also make a screen recording of your blog and share it edited in stories.

IGTV is a platform where you can promote your blog in a very direct way.

The video description and Instagram bio are the only places we can put a direct link to our blog if we have less than 10,000 followers. You can create video content promoting your blog and upload it to IGTV.

You can briefly explain what your latest article is about, upload a tutorial that you have included in the blog post, or explain in a closer way your position on a certain topic that you have covered in your blog.

Instagram is a mine that you must exploit to promote your blog, but remember that it is very important to have an optimized profile and a biography that shines to capture the user's attention.


You can work Facebook with a personal profile, with a fan page or with both, it will depend a bit on whether you are a personal brand or a corporate brand.

In any case, we recommend that you share the content of your blog on your Fan Page, and from there share it to your personal profile. This way you will be reaching more people. And it is very important that you work on Facebook Groups, they are working very well, and you will surely find a group on your subject where you can share your posts.

Our advice in regards to groups is do not spam, comply with the group's rules and also help the dissemination of third parties. Give virtual love and you will receive virtual love.

Another form of promotion for Facebook and Instagram is to advertise through Facebook and Instagram Ads. You can choose and segment your audience, and give your blog greater visibility by investing in ads.


Linkedin is the largest professional search engine on the Internet. Through Linkedin you can get many professional opportunities if you know how to play your cards.

If you decide to promote your blog in this network you will be demonstrating knowledge and adding value, something that is very much taken into account today.

Create a copy that attracts attention, share the link of your blog and it is important that you add an image, since the content that includes images has a higher level of interaction. And as we saw before for Twitter, on Linkedin strategic mention content also works very well, so take advantage of it.


There are themes that are more suitable to this social network, but we are sure you can find a way to use video marketing to promote your blog.

You can record a video promoting your post, and adapt the format to the different social networks that we have seen, including YouTube of course.

Did you know that Google shows content that includes video in the first search positions? Are you going to miss this opportunity?

Make your explanatory video, your tutorial or your video pill, upload it to YouTube and include it in your post and you will be helping the SEO of your blog. And of course, don't forget to include a link to your blog in the YouTube description box.

We hope this brief explanation of the promotion of blogs on social networks has helped you and it helps make social networks your great allies to make your blog successful. Remember that blogs help us connect with our audience, educate them and increase the traffic of our website through SEO. If you would like to set up a meeting with the Century Digital Marketing team let us know!

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