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The 4 Ps of Digital Marketing

The Internet has changed everyone's life, including the way consumers perceive the advertising of different brands; without a doubt, we are now facing the era of content consumers. These new consumers are intolerant of traditional advertising that used to be intrusive with overly repetitive advertising messages and, although it is good to go back to the past so as not to make the same mistakes, you have to accept and adapt to the changes that exist today.

This Marketing Mix we have known for many years is ​​made up of 4P's: Product (the value or benefit that a product brings to the market); Price (the value it has in this market); Place (where and how this product will be distributed) and Promotion (advertising and dissemination of messages so that the product is known to audiences).

This marketing mix worked at the time, and it was inconceivable to run a campaign without taking these P’s into account, but the arrival of immediacy changed everything and the world of Social Media opened the door to two-way communication.

The audiences went from being passive to being active audiences, who give their points of view and who think that traditional advertising is obsolete.

A new 4 P’s were proposed but this time about Digital Marketing:



Peer to Peer to communities.

Modeled predictions.

These 4 Ps have been inspired after living in two realities known to all:

Before, audiences only used to listen to advertising messages; now they have a voice thanks to social networks and other platforms that allow them, in real time, to express their opinions. Better keep them happy!

Connecting with audiences on an emotional level is extremely important today, in addition to the fact that only one brand is no longer perceived and the messages that are transmitted are beginning to be humanized.

It is important not only to give audiences what they want, but also what they need and didn't even know they needed; So creating content of value for the target audience is the main goal of these new P.

#1. Personalization

The first of the Ps suggests that messages in the digital age should be as personalized as possible, forgetting the massive messages that traditional media used to convey. To achieve this, you must know your audience on a deep scale; In other words, go beyond demographic data and get to know your Buyer Personas regarding their interests and consumption habits.

#2. Participation

As mentioned previously, audiences went from being passive to being active and giving their opinions through digital platforms. In this way, this P proposes that you involve your consumers more not only in your Marketing actions, but also in the decisions you make around the products or services you offer. By giving your consumers a voice, you are telling them that they are important to you and that their views are worth a lot to your company.

#3. Peer to peer or peer to peer for communities

If your own communities are ambassadors of your brand, you have found the best possible publicity: nothing like having satisfied customers. This third P of the 4 P's of Digital Marketing suggests that people trust other people's opinions about a brand more than the opinion that a brand has about itself. And it has all the logic in the world: a recommendation from a friend or loved one gives an Internet user more credibility about a brand.

#4. Modeled predictions

The only way to achieve optimization is by measuring, because when measuring and analyzing mistakes can be taken into account so as not to commit them again; and on the contrary, the successes are strengthened to continue doing the same but even better. This last P of the 4 P's of Digital Marketing suggests optimizing the messages you give to your online audiences according to quantitative factors that you can detect with different monitoring tools. It is about making predictions modeled based on numbers that tell you the real behavior of your audiences during your Digital Marketing management.

The behavior of your audiences can be measured with the numbers in your social networks, such as shares and comments, but also with the number of visits to your blog or of new subscribers to your Newsletter. Predicting the interests that your audiences will have in the medium or long term is essential so that you can attend to the other three P's: designing the appropriate and personalized messages in an optimal way, creating a community based on the needs of your audience and finding a way to give them a voice within your digital platforms.

In short, any Marketing action that you carry out on the Internet must be timely measured. Thus, together with the quantitative data you collect, you can reach a conclusion by adding the interactions that you have detected between your audience and your brand. Taking this data into account is to consider the real needs and desires of your customers to satisfy them, and solve them in the form of content or the format that they require.

In conclusion, the world of Marketing has changed because the world in general has changed.

It is not enough to spread messages that you consider very creative, it is about making your audience a spokesperson so that you can detect what they want and need the most. Let us know if you would like to set up a meeting with our experienced team!

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