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The 7 Most Popular Branding Examples

Have you ever wondered why there are very recognized brands that are identified anywhere? That is to say, surely you know more than one company in any sector that you would identify just by seeing its logo wherever it is.

Creating a personal brand and being recognized by almost everyone is the dream of practically every company. And this is thanks to certain patterns that are repeated and here we are going to tell you about them. In addition, we are also going to talk about the best known examples.

What is branding?

Branding entails the entire strategy and all the actions that are carried out to build a brand. It can also be called brand management, although it goes much further. That is, it aims to make the values ​​and vision of a company known to the public.

Therefore, to build it, you need to establish a specific marketing plan along with well-defined objectives. It is very important that this brand management comes in a positive way, contributes positive values ​​and is associated with credibility and trust.

The elaboration of this identity serves both for social networks and for external elements such as personalized merchandising, known as personalized products for companies, advertising posters and all the parts related to the marketing of a company.

How to manage the brand of a company efficiently?

It can be very common to think that only large companies can achieve efficient brand management that reaches many people. However, any company can achieve good branding if it invests in a well-planned marketing strategy.

However, getting a good reputation and a recognized personal brand is possible at all levels. You don't have to be a big market leader to get there. Depending on what the goals are for a particular company, you will need to reach more or fewer people. And, therefore, it will be more or less accessible.

How can this be managed? Well, there are some very common strategies to spread the brand of a company, make it visible, make it recognized and that, little by little, it is associated with positive values.

If you want to enhance your personal brand or accentuate it, it is essential to bet on articles and personalized merchandising. Of course, the more innovative the better.

Examples of companies with the most successful branding and brand management

Next, we explain the most successful cases in the world of branding. Undoubtedly, these companies have managed to create a totally positive image to the general public. So much so that, not only that, they create desire.

People strive to get a product from that brand, to wear a garment from that firm, to work in that well-known company ... In short, getting a good reputation and quality branding can be the differential factor to stand out in your sector.


This American beverage company is undoubtedly the best known worldwide. Almost everyone associates happiness with this drink, along with a very fresh and positive image. Why? Thanks to its personal brand and all the marketing strategy that it carries with it. And, as we have said before, they do not only bet on advertising or social networks. The image of Coca-Cola goes further and we see it every day on t-shirts, mobile cases, and more!


The colors, the typography and the image of the best-known search engine in the world is unmistakable. Everyone has used it and knows it. One more company that has strived to have a unique branding strategy that makes it a leader in its sector.


This is another of the strongest branding proposals on the market. This is because its strategy is committed to a young, friendly and close environment ... Adding the name of each customer on their cups has given them great familiarity, as well as popularity. Once again, a very well studied marketing action.


Who does not know this brand of sneakers? Shoes that add style and personality. It is enough to see its logo to know what this company transmits: freshness, fun, and youth.


Another well-known brand around the world is this fast food chain. Without a doubt, its colors and its logo are unmistakable. This company has also worked its branding very well and has managed to convey a fresh image, despite being a fast food chain.


Who does not associate quality and power to the entire product line of this brand? It is impossible not to recognize the Apple logo wherever it is. Everything counts in this campaign. From the slogan to all the graphic elements, designs and packaging. Buying Apple is buying a unique experience.


You only need to see a piece to recognize this toy. A very simple firm but that has known how to reach people. All of it has managed to combine colors, designs, logo and marketing to convey all its values ​​related to fun and family.

These are some of the companies that have done an amazing job at their branding efforts. All of them have been successful for so many years, in part thanks to their branding and positioning. Their competitors also have good branding but these giants are here to stay. Even though some of these brands have changed part of their branding, such as their logo, packaging and slogan, they have retained their essence and the consumers know it. If you are interested in creating a brand or positioning your brand let us know! We offer a free proposal and we would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your objectives!

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