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The Basics of Landing Pages

Converting viewers into leads is the main purpose of a digital marketing campaign. The goal is to have a potential customer visit your website and leave their information for you to follow up. This is the part where landing pages come into play. 

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page located on your website that is designed specifically to convert viewers into leads. There are two things that characterize a landing page:

  1. It allows you to capture a visitor’s information, sometimes in exchange for an offer or discount code.

  2. The only purpose of a landing page is to convert viewers into leads, it does not contain any more information and it doesn't serve any other purpose.

The majority of websites have a landing page, a good example would be e-commerce websites that offer a discount in exchange for your email. The process of how landing pages work is simple, first, a person sees a call to action that takes them to a landing page with a form to fill out, this converts them from a visitor to a lead. Then, the information they provided in the form is stored in your leads database and now you can market to the lead based on what you know about them from the information they provided.  How to Promote your Landing Page?

After the creation of your landing page, you need to get people to view it, otherwise, you are missing the point of creating one. Here are the top recommendations on how to promote your landing page:

  • Call to Action (CTAs): CTAs are images or lines of text that prompts your viewers to complete a specific action, in this case, fill out a form. On landing pages, CTAs tell the visitor where to click to access the offer. CTAs can be found on pages of your website as well as on relevant blog posts that relate to the offer. It is very important that the CTAs relate to the content and with the landing page. The more it relates, the more likely people will be to convert. 

  • Social Media: Social media is a great tool for spreading the word about your content. Select the platforms where you know your target market is more active and promote heavily on those platforms. 

  • Email: Email is a very effective way to promote your landing page. You can send a promo email to a targeted list related to your landing page to increase the odds of conversion.

Once your campaign is active, make sure to check in on the results of your landing pages frequently, that way you can identify what is working and what isn't. Make sure to change one thing at a time, that way you can identify specifically what is affecting the performance of your campaign. Also, remember that you can always re-promote the content that once worked for you to increase contacts.

Century Digital Marketing can help you create a landing page and follow up with the campaign, ask us where to start! 

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