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The Importance of Email Marketing During a Crisis

Email marketing continues to be a strategy that allows establishing relationships with current and potential customers, as well as being a tool that continues to generate trust between the brand and the consumer. Through the use of email, we can communicate directly with people that have chosen to be in contact with a brand when they signed up to receive emails from your company.  We cannot limit ourselves to sending emails announcing the promotions that we have available, because they will later be recognized as spam. For this reason it’s important to learn when and how to communicate with your customers. Although the essence remains, the trends change over the years.

Recently, we have seen a steady increase in brands going digital in an effort to continue in business during the COVID-19 pandemic. The way to apply email marketing is changing, for this reason, today we set ourselves the purpose of answering this question: How should we use email marketing during a crisis?

Here are a few things to consider when applying this amazing tool for any business:


Every time you receive an email whose recipient is a name, it becomes much more striking. Naturally, a greater interest in communication is aroused and this generates an increase in the open rate. Furthermore, a particular relationship is established with the target audience.

Emotional email marketing

Users are continuously leaving a mark on the network, this happens every time they fill out forms. This information allows us to align ourselves with the tastes and needs of our target group. By gathering this data, we will be able to design increasingly efficient and intelligent email marketing campaigns. The idea is to use the information provided by users to develop more emotional and close email marketing strategies with users. In such a way that they feel the brand as an accomplice to their tastes and voluntarily provide valuable information.

Automation of email delivery

The marketing team of any company should direct their efforts to automate their email delivery, since this facilitates and personalizes this tool. One of the main benefits of the automation process is sending content at the right time to the right person. In addition, it generates a higher level of engagement and, consequently, a greater possibility of conversion.

More audiovisual formats

The technological development in smartphones has allowed audiovisual products to be included, which will naturally allow for a much more personalized experience. In addition, with the boom in social networks, email marketing campaigns must include the integration of other channels.

Responsive design

It is not new that every day more people use mobile devices to search for information, read emails and even to make purchases. For this reason, having a responsive design will allow you to maintain credibility with your users and improve the branding of your brand.

Email marketing is a tool that is evolving and if you learn to be guided by the trends, you will surely get great benefits. As of now, digital marketing is more important than ever. We as businesses rely on it to keep in touch with our audience and promote our brands and products. The use of email marketing is complemented by other digital marketing tools and strategies such as social media, eCommerce, SEO etc. This year has been challenging for businesses, but we believe there is a lot of opportunity if you use the right tools. If you are looking into email marketing campaigns for your business, let us know so we can assist you with a free consultation.

Our team at Century Digital Marketing will create a marketing strategy for your business needs. 

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