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TikTok for Business: Learn to Promote your Brand

TikTok for companies is more and more a reality, you can use advertising on TikTok or organic content to promote your brand. If your company is aimed at a younger generation, TikTok can be a very interesting platform to publicize your brand, whether by creating your own content, working with influencers or launching a paid advertising campaign. We tell you how!

Create organic content

Want to start promoting your business on TikTok, but you're not sure where to start? Check out these tips for organic content:

1) Detect if your buyer persona is here

Remember that Tik Tok is a social network made up mostly of centennials (people born in 1997 or after) and they are the most active, although data shows that  41% of tiktokers are between 16 and 24 years old. That means that there is also a good representation of millennials, surely also accounts from other generations or company profiles.

2) Blend in with the platform

We have all seen a brand enter a new network and screw it up to the bottom. To avoid this, it is essential that you and your team spend some time familiarizing themselves with the platform. TikTok is a very fun and informal network, which is based mainly on playback videos with popular songs, although it is increasingly diversifying its content.

3) Create fun content

One of the keys to TikTok is spontaneity, so you don't need to create super sophisticated videos. Take note of brands like Lush, which do fun demos of their products with background music.

4) Create challenges Here young people wait to be challenged to show how creative they can be. 5) Launch a hashtag challenge The "hashtag challenges" (you can do it organically or with advertising) are based on encouraging TikTok users to create or recreate content using your brand hashtag. If you encourage influencers to use your challenge with a hashtag, it will spread faster and tiktokers will be encouraged to generate derived content.

6) Do not directly promote your brand, product or service Tiktokers don't like advertising. They are still not used to it and it produces rejection. To adapt to this reality, be original and make them reach you in indirect ways and offer value to the user. In three clicks the user goes from seeing fun and educational content to your company.

7) Create 15-second content If you are just starting out, we recommend that you create videos only 15 seconds or less. Why? Because according to a good video marketing strategy, at first users do not know you, so they will spend little part of their precious time looking at you, they will only pay more attention when they know you. So if you want to generate community, start by not spending more than 15 seconds with your videos, later, when you have several followers, start creating longer videos of up to 60 seconds.

Launch a campaign with influencers 

TikTok influencers already have very interesting audiences within the platform and you can take advantage of them to expand your reach. Since Gen Z reject anything that looks like traditional advertising, working with TikTok influencers can help you connect with them. As it happens in this type of campaign, promoting your brand with influencers depends on being able to find a user whose audience corresponds to your target audience. To start looking, there are online tools that allow you to search TikTok bios, search for brand mentions, and more.

Use advertising on TikTok TikTok already has an advertising platform aimed at advertisers. For now, brands that want to advertise on this network have five different types of ads: -TopView: it is a preferential video format that shows your brand or company in the best possible location on TikTok, the objective is to attract 100% the user's attention.

-In-Feed Ads: your ads will appear as if you were a TikTok creator and from there, interested users can click on the call-to-action and go to your site or ecommerce. You can upload videos of up to 60 seconds with automatic playback and music.

-Brand takeovers: with this format, a brand takes control of TikTok for a day, with images, GIFs and videos with integrated links to landing pages or challenges with hashtags.

-Hashtags challenges: Instead of trying to make one of these challenges go viral on its own, you can take advantage of promoted hashtags to generate more engagement.

-Gamified Branded Effect is a filter that has more than 20 different formats. Users are invited to use their facial expressions, gestures and postures to interact with the company or its products.

-Branded lenses or trademark effects: similar to Snapchat's 2D and 3D lenses, so that users can add them to their own content.

In addition to expanding your reach with advertising on TikTok, you can also use its targeting options to reach exactly the audience you are looking for. Remember that as part of your digital marketing strategy, you should evaluate if your buyer persona is using the social media networks you plan on using. Also, try to adapt your product and collaborate with other brands or people to show different ways in which your product is beneficial. If you would like to have a meeting to discuss your digital marketing strategy we will be happy to help you!

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