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Tips for Answering to your Customers on Social Networks

Answering messages and comments on social networks may seem very simple, however there are certain aspects that we must take care of to do it in the best way and turn our followers into customers. Also there are some instances where the messages you receive are not the ones you expect. Perhaps an angry customer, or a complaint.

That is why we have decided to list some tips that we have applied and have helped us offer a better service and generate sales through social networks:

1.- Respond quickly

If you go to your Facebook fan page you will be able to find an indicator that measures your speed when responding and that, personally, generates great pressure for me to answer quickly. It's called “Response Rate” and it shows the time it takes to reply to a message on your page.

The response rate can be used to your advantage if you answer quickly (about 10 minutes at the most), since your prospect will know that they will get quick solutions from your company; However, it can also be your biggest enemy, since if someone who enters your page and sees that you answer every 8 hours, they may not be patient enough to wait for your response and will consider writing to your competition.

If a person writes asking for information on your page and does not receive a quick response, they may go to another company and if they answer them faster than you and manage to convince them, you can say good-bye to your customer.

2.- If they ask you something in the comments section of a publication, answer them and don't just answer “inbox” or “DM”

I recommend using phrases such as “Hello (name), we'll send you a message in a moment” if it is something that is not recommended to respond in a public way as private data of your company or client. And always, ALWAYS answer their comments (the Facebook platform values ​​it a lot) even with a like to the comment or some emoji so that it does not seem that you did not respond to that person, because if another client sees that comment and notices that you do not you answer, he won't even bother to contact you. Do not miss the opportunity to attract a customer!

3.- Always be nice

We know that being nice sounds like a cliché in customer service, but we really have to take care of this aspect. Depending on the personality of your brand, you will use a more serious and technical language or something more casual and relaxed; however always be respectful and above all very patient.

It should be noted that we really want to help the client and solve all their doubts; Clients want solutions and we will be the ones to provide them. Sometimes they will ask questions that seem obvious to us but it doesn't matter! We are here to solve them; They will ask us the same question many times and we will answer them! Sometimes clients will not speak to us in the best way and we will always be nice! And a thousand more situations, but don't forget to BE KIND.

4.- Call them by their name

At present, the service provided through social networks can be considered cold and not very personal, which is why calling the client by their name is a factor that will make a difference. The simple fact of calling them by their name will cause you to generate greater trust and empathy with your client; a personalized experience will always be invaluable.

5.- Pay attention to your spelling

With the autocorrect it is very difficult to have bad spelling or if you have an Internet connection we recommend “Googling” the word to see if it is spelled correctly. We are not all experts in spelling but we can do research.

We must give our company the seriousness of writing correctly and in the same way avoid informal abbreviations such as "k" instead of "ok". On many occasions a single letter, accent or misspelled word can change the meaning of our message; Let's avoid misunderstandings with customers, in social networks this is usually very common.

6.- Read, re-read and even say it out loud before clicking send

Before sending a message or comment, we must confirm that we are being as clear as possible and verify that we have not missed any letter or word of more or less. A good practice is to read the message twice before sending it, on many occasions by rereading we can improve what we are writing.

Sometimes we think that what we are saying is understood and well ... only we understand each other, or we also think that we are saying something in a normal or friendly way and it turns out that it sounds a bit rude or cold. If you have your work team by your side, lean on them and little by little you will only write in a better way.

These are very simple tips, but very useful. Remember that your customers will use social media to interact with you in a more informal way. For this reason you can establish a conversation easier with them. If a customer is angry or complaining about something related to your company, make sure to keep calm and think well before you answer them. We hope you can use these tips in your own social media, as well as in emails, and other forms of communication with your customers. If you would like to discuss our social media management services with the team let us know! We are here to help!

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