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Tips to Build Brand Awareness

First of all, what is brand awareness? Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services. For example, when someone says I need a “Kleenex”, instead of “I need a tissue”. Brands with high recognition are often referred to as "trending" or "popular." Brand awareness is essential in marketing campaigns especially in the initial stage of business.

Brand recognition is the result of multiple efforts that go beyond trying to attract a certain number of customers who will pay for your product or service. Trying to increase brand awareness with a few product ads on Facebook will only cause the consumer to focus on the product and not the brand.

Here are some ideas to start building brand recognition that manages to create a lasting impact with your audience:

1. Create content

Creating content is now easier than ever. And this is good because today's consumers visit the internet to consult anything, doubt, problem or project that comes to mind. Content is a fun way to increase the brand awareness of your brand, because with it you can show your personality, in addition to sharing opinions and positioning the brand regarding certain topics, which are the most important components to embody and humanize your brand.

Content doesn't have to be written: you can create videos, infographics, podcasts and more. 

Content doesn't have to be on your website alone, you can post as a guest or sponsor content on others' sites. This will give you the opportunity to put your brand in front of new audiences and will also diversify the type of content you create.

If your brand isn't creating content, you might be missing out on a great opportunity to establish truly massive brand recognition. Content offers you an opportunity to genuinely connect with your audience, while showing your name to the people who watch that content.

2. Participate in sponsored events

Festivals, concerts, and exhibitions present a great opportunity to show your brand. These types of events normally cannot be carried out without the help of brand sponsorships. 

Sponsoring events is a sure way for your brand name to be displayed to hundreds, thousands or millions of people. And with certainty some of them are part of your niche. From banners, flyers, water bottles, stickers,  and others, your brand name will be in all possible places if you sponsor an event.

Being a sponsor also allows you to put your brand name in an event that matches your personality and interests. This will attract highly compatible consumers with the values ​​of your brand, who will begin to associate your brand with that event, its aesthetics and the style of the activities.

3. Give your brand personality

Treating your brand as if it were a person and defining your story or narrative are the first steps to give your brand personality. The next step is to incorporate this personality into your marketing strategies and campaigns.

When you trade products and services with personality, you can only hope that your brand awareness is enhanced, because the brand will shine without effort and will distinguish itself from all those that compete with you in the market. This will happen because consumers will notice the product that you are promoting, but they will also experience the personality that you are reflecting in your advertising.

Building and growing your company's brand awareness is an endless process, you will have to try what works best for your brand and keep innovating. Boosting brand recognition in your campaigns gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different marketing and advertising opportunities, which are probably powerful alternatives that will allow you to create a deeper connection with your customers. Brand awareness is a concept that can have a great impact on your marketing strategies, perception of consumption and profits. Let us know if you would like a consultation with our team to create a digital marketing strategy for your business!

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