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Trending Songs on Instagram and Their Restrictions

Currently, Instagram reels have become the most popular way to share creative content along with the Tik tok platform. The main reason for this striking popularity is mainly due to music and the role it represents for these social networks.

Using trending songs on any of the platforms can make your content go viral, but for this you would have to find those songs that are being used the most, but be careful not to comply with Instagram rules.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can discover trending music and which songs on Instagram you can use and which you can't, because of course, there are also rules when using music with rights.

How to find trending songs?

Using these songs can help you to give your Instagram or Tik tok a greater reach and, therefore, greater visibility and engagement.

It is obvious that a song with less use by users will have much less volume, and therefore, many fewer people will find it, unlike another song that has a greater volume of participation.

When using these songs, we must do it with strategy and common sense, without losing sight of our main objective. Our content has to continue to add value to our target audience, so that Instagram starts recommending it and reaches more users.

There is a wide range of possibilities to find those trending songs. We recommend some!

On Spotify you can find a list called Insta Reels Trends 2022 and where it will help you find trending songs, logically you would have to choose those according to the brand.

Another way to find songs is from the Tik Tok or Instagram tool itself, by pressing the publish button, add sound at the top in the center and a new window will appear with playlists and trending music.

Restrictions on songs

If after this, you are wondering what kind of music you can use on Instagram, the most correct answer would be any music that has reproduction rights. For copyright reasons, it is not so easy to use that song that you have been looking for so long for your content, because the social network could delete your post or block your account.

But keep in mind that this does not apply to all of Instagram. It is not the same as sharing a story with that particular song through the "music" sticker to a post in your feed where you have probably made a post-production on said material.

With this type of measure, the aim is to protect the artists who work in the production of this type of piece.

Music on Instagram Stories

Since 2018, whether it is a personal or business account, any type of music can be shared in Instagram stories without any type of penalty, and even if they are copyright-protected topics. But why?

As simple as that the Instagram company reached certain agreements to freely use the songs in the stickers.

Music on Instagram feed

As we said, the same does not happen with this type of content. The difference is that if you are, for example, a company or brand, and you are making your own audiovisual material and you want to set the video with a trending song with copyright and without owning the rights to it, you risk having the content removed and having your account blocked.

There are also certain situations in which you can use copyrighted music, such as a concert.

Music on Instagram Reels

At this point it is important to highlight the type of category that you have established in your profile, that is, having a personal or creator account is not the same as a company account, since the functions change from one to the other. In the latter case, you will not have music available on the music button.

Despite this limitation, the songs from the reels can still be used even in edited videos.

What if I use copyrighted music?

Instagram has many themes that you can use freely on the platform without copyright concerns, although we recommend that you take extra care, especially with everything we have already discussed.

If you take the risk, possibly, and if caught by Instagram, your posts will be removed and your account banned for breaking the rules. But if it is repeated countless times, it can lead to the closure of the profile.

We hope this article helps clarify the Instagram Music dilemma. Remember that depending on the type of account that you have the music available will be different. If you would like to discuss our Social Media Management services please feel free to let me know!

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