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What are the benefits of having "LinkedIn Premium"?

Today, LinkedIn is the quintessential social network for job hunting and networking. All companies have a profile there and it also serves for users to exchange opinions on new ideas as well as offer work.

LinkedIn is more than an online resume and its free version has hundreds of features to insert into the world of work. However, the platform also offers a Premium version that has many advantages that can help when looking for a job:

  • Advanced Search: With Premium, LinkedIn allows you to target by keyword, company size, industry, place of study, and more. It also returns detailed data on the sector, profiles and similar businesses.

  • Visits to the profile: The free LinkedIn account allows you to see only the last five people who saw the profile, while the Premium version allows you to see all the visits that were had in the last 90 days. This is interesting to know what kind of people and sectors are trying to contact or find the profile interesting.

  • Premium badge and open profile: The premium badge is a logo on the profile that shows that it is a premium account and the open profile means that anyone can send messages, even if they are not common contacts. In the free version it can only be done if both are followed.

  • LinkedIn Learning is an educational platform that Premium accounts have access to.In 2015, LinkedIn bought the Lynda teaching platform, which would later be renamed LinkedIn Learning. It currently offers more than 10,000 courses from different sectors, which are taught through video tutorials.

  • InMail messages: These are private messages that allow you to contact any user on the network. Premium Career allows three InMails per month, Premium Business allows 15, Sales Navigator Professional allows 20, and Recruiter Lite allows 30.

  • Detailed information: Another of the great advantages of LinkedIn Premium is the amount of information it offers us:

    • Information on the candidates, on the general characteristics of those registered for that specific position.

    • Information about employment, about the hiring trends of the companies or where you are compared to your competitors.

    • Information related to the growth of each company, where you can see how its number of employees grows or decreases.

    • Information related to growth by functional area, where you can see the distribution and increase of employees by function.

    • Information on changes in leadership in the company, where the new promotions of management personnel are reflected in a graph.

How to register?

LinkedIn allows you to register for Premium in a very simple way: in the left margin appears the legend "Try Premium for 1 month free" and the logo of the social network in gold. Click and answer the questions, in this way the social network will have more information to optimize the results of the feed.

One of the strengths of this platform is the large number of videos available in a multitude of languages and for various disciplines. LinkedIn adds content every week. The same network recommends which videos are ideal for you, depending on your current position and what other professionals in the same category are looking for. Another point is the certification of the courses. When you finish each training process you will receive verification of the skills developed in it. In addition, you can leave the course without having to complete it and start another that adapts to what you are looking for.

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