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What Does a Community Manager Do?

We often hear about community managers, but what do they do and what do they work on? A community manager is an expert on social networks and they are in charge of digital strategies. They are responsible for the development and management of a brand’s online community. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Pay attention to what the internet is saying about their brand and use monitoring tools to achieve this task successfully.

  • Gather information from social networks to help elaborate the marketing strategy for the company

  • Act as the image and voice of a brand. Therefore, they are in charge of responding to the digital community, including managing a crisis on social networks.

  • Analyze social networks to find new clients and understand their needs.

  • Create content to attract more followers on different social platforms.

  • Evaluate the results on social networks periodically. Study social networks statistics and monitor any changes.

Social networks are the main tools for a community manager. They work very hard to improve the visibility of a brand in the digital world, create content to use on social media and keep interacting with the audience. To develop all these tasks, a community manager uses different tools on their day-to-day activities. Some of these tools are, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more! Community Managers can be found in both small and large businesses. 

Community managers usually have experience in all facets of marketing (not just social media), and also in various industries. Their work requires a 24/7 commitment because there are no “business hours” for a community manager, since social media is active all day and all night, they can’t have specific business hours. They are required to respond to their customers promptly even on the weekends. They also have to have customer service skills because they usually handle questions from customers, responses to feedback and overall they offer their help on social networks. 

And you may wonder what a typical day usually looks like for a community manager? They start by going through a list of recently posted content and ensure they meet established guidelines. They comment on posts or discussions if there is any. They review the posts and drive engagement, answer any messages from community members, read online content to stay updated on the latest news of their niche and finally they post new content. Of course this is a simple day for a community manager, there are days in which they can have different activities depending on what is happening inside and outside the company. 

After reading our blog about community managers, we hope we have established a good idea of what their work accomplishes and how important it is to have a community manager in your company to handle all the social media networks and engage with your community. Brands are hiring community managers to ensure their online presence is effective and to communicate with their audience, which ultimately reflects on the brand as a whole, including their reputation, the user experience and the cycle of hearing what customers want and making it happen for them.

If you are interested in a free consultation let us know! We are here to help you!

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