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What does Tik Tok have to offer?

Today we are going to explain what TikTok is, where it comes from and what it offers. It is a social network based on sharing music videos, and that is achieving incredible results in recent months. In fact, it has managed to surpass Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in the number of downloads, confirming itself as one of the surprises of the year.

We are going to start by explaining what this new social network is, who is behind it and how it has managed to become so strong. Afterwards, we will briefly explain to you and so that you can understand what you can do with it so that you know how to differentiate it from other alternatives such as Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube.

What is TikTok?

The application was launched in September 2016. Its original name is Douyin which means "shake the music" in Chinese. This name comes in handy, since it is a social network based on sharing small music clips. However, outside of China it is called TikTok, and you can find it available for both iOS and Android.

In terms of its operation, TikTok allows you to create, edit and upload musical selfies, being able to apply various effects and add a musical background to them. It also has some features, and includes eye-catching special effects, filters, and augmented reality features.

All this is offered in a simple way, and with easy-to-use editing options so that everyone can make fun videos without having great editing skills. In addition, the application includes other functions such as the possibility of sending messages, voting, friend lists and of course a system of followers. Very Instagram-like, but focused on videos.

What can you do with Tik Tok?

In short, you can think of this social network as a kind of Instagram dedicated to small music videos, although it is also used to make all kinds of compositions, memes and jokes.

The application has a main screen where you watch popular videos or those of people you follow, being able to slide up or down to go through videos. There is also a browse page where you can search for clips and users, or browse hashtags that may interest you. When you watch a video, it is displayed in full screen, with a series of icons on the right with which you can follow the user, like, comment or share the clip.

In the center you also have the button where you can access the main tools of the application, its video recording and editing tool. You can record your videos with several takes, since the app only records while you hold down the corresponding button. Before you start recording the video you will have several options for filters and effects with which to control them.

When editing the video, you can select takes or phases in which to add other types of effects on your own. You have, for example, a series of filters similar to those of Instagram, as well as different types of effects to manipulate the videos. The editor will mark the different areas in which you have edited the video with different colors.

In addition, the application also includes a section in which you can send messages to other users as you can also do in Instagram, and even edit your profile and the data you say about yourself.

As you can see Tik Tok has been around for a few years but it has made a great impact in the world. Businesses have also benefited from this social network and some have grown exponentially. Also, Tik Tok stars have made their videos viral to the point that they are considered influencers and brands make collaborations with them to promote their products and they act as ambassadors. If you think your business can benefit from a presence in this social network let us know! We can add it to your social media strategy!!

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