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​​What is the ideal posting rate on each social network?

Every social network is different and requires a custom posting pace. Every audience is different and the way they interact is also different. Adapt your posts to each of them!

Just like when we write about the best times to post on social media, when we talk about the ideal posting pace on each social media, there is no golden rule either. The right frequency will vary greatly depending on your industry and your community of followers, and the best way to find out when and how often to post is to test over and over again and analyze the results. But to give you a hand, we have prepared this post in which we tell you what is, in general, the ideal publication rate that we must maintain in each social network to achieve success.


Facebook is a social network that makes it difficult for us every time, which means that, once again, the trial and error method is the best to determine a convenient posting rhythm, as well as the type of publications that are successful among your fans. We know that the lifetime of Facebook posts is about three hours, so you should never make a publication if at least three hours have passed since the previous publication. Some of the biggest brands with a presence on Facebook post, on average, once a day on this social network.

If you post too often Facebook will penalize you, and so will your fans, tired of always having you on their timeline. It is recommended to publish at least two or three times a week, although the ideal is to do it every day, without exceeding ten weekly publications. Big brands with millions of followers can afford to exceed this posting limit, though they typically don't post more than two or three times a day. For small businesses we recommend posting two or three times a day and staying active in other ways such as posting stories, replying to comments, liking other people’s posts, answering direct messages, etc.


More than 60 million images are posted on Instagram every day. And among all that large number of photographs, ours should stand out. Do not get overwhelmed, in reality you are not competing against that large number of publications, but it is true that it is important to stand out in this social network, being original and making your followers fall in love.

You should post at least three times a week, although ideally once a day. If you want to post more frequently, just make sure not to exceed fifteen weekly publications.


Twitter is the social network of immediacy and actuality. For this reason and for the number of tweets that are published each day, the lifetime of each of them is estimated at half an hour. This means that we can publish more often than on other social networks, but we should not go overboard and spam our followers. If they don't stop seeing us in their home feed they'll get tired of us and we might get an unfollow.

Taking all this into account, the minimum frequency with which you should post on Twitter is about three tweets a day. The ideal would be five tweets a day, since it is proven that from there the impressions and the interaction decline. If your business allows it and your followers respond positively, you can post up to eight a day, or even more, but before you start posting like crazy, check the reactions of users by increasing your publication rate. Tools like Twitter Analytics will be of great help to determine the right publication rate for your business.


Linkedin is a social network aimed at professionals, and the rate of posts can be lower than on networks like Twitter or Facebook. Even so, to have a good presence on Linkedin you must post at least a couple of times a week. The ideal is to do it every day, if it can be by participating in discussion groups, the better. Of course, don't overdo it either, it is not recommended to have more than ten publications per week, and only during working days. Keep in mind that on weekends Linkedin, like the offices, is empty.

As we know, social media networks are great for businesses, they help us maintain communication with our customers and create a more personal relationship with them. As far as the frequency of posts, it really depends on the industry you are in and the time you decide to put into it. Even if you post every day it might be possible that a lot of your followers don’t see your posts. Remember to always check the insights of your page and adapt your strategy to the results you are getting.

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