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5 Benefits of Advertising on Social Networks

Social networks are platforms that are part of our daily life. At the same time, digital advertising is taking on an increasingly relevant role and is beginning to displace traditional media. Here we present 5 benefits of advertising on social media:

1. It is cost effective

We all know that traditional advertising is quite expensive. Television, radio or even the written media are anything but accessible. Also, it is often necessary to start long-term campaigns in order to start seeing results. Even with positive results, the costs are often too high for companies with limited budgets, new businesses and small business owners.

In contrast, one of the advantages of advertising on social networks is that it is usually much cheaper. Companies can test different campaigns with different budgets and stop advertising if their financial situation doesn’t allow it.

2. It has greater flexibility

Once you start an advertising campaign in one of the traditional media, it is very difficult to make changes. If at some point it is necessary to refine the message, it will most likely take a lot of time and money to do so.

In many cases, the advertising contract requires companies to carry out campaigns with very specific characteristics. In this way, making changes could be complex and expensive. However, when it comes to social networks, and digital advertising in general, companies enjoy greater flexibility. It is possible to change the strategy, objectives and other aspects of the campaign quickly.

Depending on the results that companies begin to obtain, there is the possibility of pausing, editing, generating new messages or even testing variables of a campaign on social networks.

3.- Provides better measurements and analytics

The attribution models are the parameters or rules to know through which channel a conversion was made. In traditional advertising, these have improved considerably. However, despite their improvements, they still lack accuracy. Often, the analytics are not given in real time and are not as detailed as they should be in order to make accurate decisions.

If we compare this with the analytics on digital platforms, we see that the differences are greater. In fact, one of the advantages of advertising on Facebook and other social networks is that the statistics are updated in real time with detailed information on the actions carried out on specific ads. Thus, it is easier to review which messages or audiences respond best and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

4. Strengthens brand recognition and brand loyalty

Regular social media posts allow businesses to engage with their audiences on familiar ground. This constant interaction creates an image of credibility. Once customers are familiar with a brand, they are more likely to recommend the company to friends and family, increasing reach.

New customers are always welcome, but without loyal customers, conversion rates would be very poor for most businesses. Therefore, another of the advantages of advertising on social networks is that it creates an open service platform in which the client can express his point of view and his impressions about the services or products.

People always want to be heard and feel that we are taken into account. Thus, by hearing their opinions, the level of consumer satisfaction rises and the appreciation and loyalty towards your brand increases.

6. Facilitates conversation with your audience

Traditional media is like a one-way street. The message is directed towards a person or a group and that is where the process ends. That can become very limited, since the possibility of interacting with potential customers is lost.

For a potential customer to start a dialogue with the company, they need to go through a series of steps in order to present their questions and get the answers. That is, really, a way of acting that little by little is becoming a thing of the past.

Nowadays, nothing compares to the speed and closeness offered by social networks. These have been designed to accommodate interaction between people. Any questions or additional information that the public may need about a product as a result of advertising will be resolved immediately through social networks.

Now you know better the benefits of advertising on social networks. Without a doubt, it has very interesting characteristics. If you would like to discuss your business’ objectives with our team we invite you to set up a meeting so we can share our thoughts and offer you a free proposal for your business.

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