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8 Mistakes That Can Affect Your eCommerce SEO

Currently, avoiding SEO errors in ecommerce is essential for the visibility of your business. Take into account that the following errors can harm your positioning in search engines. And this, in turn, causes your site not to be among the main pages of Google.

It is true that optimizing a website dedicated to e-commerce is more complex than a blog. This is because they often have many product pages that cause certain problems. However, this is not something that only new entrepreneurs go through.

Having a good strategy is key but this goes hand in hand with not making SEO mistakes in ecommerce. You don't have to be an expert to achieve it, you just have to take care of some details. The idea is that you can position yourself among the first options that search engines bring up.

If you already have a website or have in mind to create one, you have to be clear about the faults that you can find along the way. It doesn't matter if you are an expert or a newbie, anyone can do them. These are SEO mistakes in ecommerce that you should avoid:

1.- Apply bad keyword research

Doing good keyword research is not just about thinking about those words that are related to the product. You have to go further and imagine which one users would use when searching for that product. Although it seems a bit complex, it is possible to achieve it if you know your target audience well enough.

Most ecommerce owners tend to use generic words to describe what they sell. But many are unaware that this will not attract potential buyers. Therefore, it is essential to be more specific when reviewing, for example: “white Adidas shoes”, “black Nike backpack”.

It is recommended to carry out a brainstorm to find the indicated keywords and avoid using just one. Ideally, you should create a short phrase with the details of the product, since it is likely that people will look for it.

Also, the more specific you are, the less competition you will have in the market. You can rely on specialized tools such as: Google Ads, SEMRush, Ubbersuggest, Soovie, Google Trends, among others.

2.- Excess of keywords

One of the most common SEO mistakes in ecommerce is to think that by using many keywords you will have a better positioning. But the reality is that using them excessively or unnaturally is a serious mistake. This is because the algorithm of the web search engines differentiate the valuable content that may be of interest to the public.

For this reason, you should avoid saturating your page with unnecessary keywords at all costs. Take time to make your own content that is valuable and so you can use the keywords naturally.

3.- Duplicate content

Creating the content of your website is not as simple as you imagine, but it is not impossible either. What you have to keep in mind is that it must be original, both in the titles, headings and descriptions of the products. It should be noted that there are times when it is inevitable to duplicate it, for example, when you place the manufacturer's review. But, as much as possible, you have to try not to repeat it, since search engines crawl them and can penalize your business. 

4.- Product without description

Another common mistake is not to put a description on the products. This affects the shopping experience of users by not knowing the characteristics of the item. Likewise, it directly affects the positioning of your page in search engines.

By not having a descriptive text, it is likely that your site does not appear in the first spots of the search engine. Remember that the user expects to get all the relevant information about what he/she wants to buy.

5.- Ignore eCommerce security

Some people tend to overlook the security of their websites, and this error makes them vulnerable to cybercriminals. Online fraud is becoming more and more common and this shows that few are interested in this aspect. Newcomers to e-commerce often skip SSL encryption and other measures just to save money.

All this can cause great economic losses, as well as data theft or identity theft. And it is clear that this directly harms ecommerce. To avoid falling into this hole, the ideal is that you use SSL and HTTPS security encryption for your business.

Users immediately feel confident when they see an SSL certificate in the address bar of the web page. First, you show people that they can shop safely. And second, Google gives priority to sites that have these types of certificates.

6.- Ignore the loading speed of the site

Among the SEO errors in ecommerce you can find a very common one that is usually ignored. It's all about loading speed. If it is not fast, the user experience will suffer. Clearly, this directly affects sales and leads to a decrease in customer satisfaction. But not only that, since it also worsens web positioning and all this would lead to the loss of customer loyalty. For this reason, it is essential to improve the speed to ensure that the page loads in less than 3 seconds.

7.- Skip customer reviews

Many ecommerce owners are unaware of the importance of online customer reviews. These serve to increase search engine rankings, and this in turn generates more sales. In addition, this is a factor that can motivate other users to make a purchase.

Therefore, it is a big mistake not to take into account the option of including product reviews. These online reviews can be duplicated as original user-generated content. But best of all, this will help you to optimize search engine rankings organically.

To do this, all you need to do is give consumers the ability to comment, view ratings, and reviews. You can request the latter from your clients in an ethical way, avoiding unwanted e-mail messages at all costs. As well as mandatory publications that can end up being negative.

8.- Use of very heavy images

Perhaps most make this type of mistake, since it is logical that they want to show their products with high quality images. What they forget is that these types of graphic elements are usually very heavy and this affects the loading speed. And as you have already seen, this aspect is decisive for the customer to make the decision to buy.

However, this is easy to avoid, you just have to watch out for images with more than 100kb. You can also choose to use several but with a medium quality. This, in turn, will help you show the user more details of the product and thus reduce the anxiety generated by buying online.

These are just some of the most common ecommerce SEO mistakes. Remember that this is a constant process and you have to be on the lookout for these errors. Check your website constantly to make sure you are keeping up with your site’s SEO. If you need help with Search Engine Optimization or Design and Development of a website let us know! We can help you define a good digital marketing strategy to make your business successful.

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