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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Staff Through Social Media

At least 2 out of 10 companies use social networks to recruit new candidates, which is why social media has become a tool that allows businesses to attract talent, but on the other hand, if the position is not communicated well, it can obtain disappointing results.

The evaluation of Curriculums Vitaes followed by the process of personal interviews are no longer sufficient, and in order to quickly and effectively find the best candidates, the new recruitment processes exploit the possibilities of social networks.

Social networks have become a cover letter in the digital world, whether the candidate addresses an offer on one of these platforms or not. This means that, although the recruiter has not used social networks to publish the offer, he will do so to search for a candidate that he has already interviewed or is going to interview.

This occurs because through social networks the professional communicates aspects of his life that he does not express in a job interview and that the recruiter does not want to miss.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using social networks to hire new employees.


  • Attract Millennials: This generation of workers is used to using digital media and platforms. They are individuals with the ability to easily adapt to new technologies and ideas. Their volume of interactions on social networks is very high.

  • Multiply the scope of the offer: Limiting the search for candidates, based on social media criteria, can greatly facilitate recruiting.

  • Conduct a proactive candidate search: there are passive and insecure candidates, but with the exact profile that the company needs. Networks allow you to reach these candidates who may lack the confidence to apply to the open vacancy.

  • Contrast the information offered by the candidate: Once the job interview is completed, it is necessary to verify the background of some of the people who are about to hire and social networks are the ideal place to find the information you need.

  • Gain immediacy in the selection process: New techniques, such as live recruitment, are one of the best options offered by social media platforms to those responsible for the personnel selection process. From the interview to the test, all it takes is to message the candidate and wait for him to turn on his camera and start talking.


  • It is not recommended to use the Internet for low-profile positions (maybe they don't use the Internet or don't know how to use it).

  • Not all Internet users use it to search for employment: It may be that the best candidate for the position is not on social networks, but rather uses other more traditional means such as taking the Curriculum Vitae for the company itself.

  • If the careers section on a company's website or social media isn't well designed, a potential candidate may look elsewhere for their opportunity.

  • Bad job descriptions and lack of updating on their social media and websites can turn down potential candidates.

Among the useful Social Networks for job search are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are thinking of exploring the possibility of posting a job on social networks we suggest you start on LinkedIn or Facebook.

The competition to attract and retain the best talent is increasing, for that reason, Human Resources departments are exploring and exploiting all the channels and tools at their disposal to develop a global policy that allows them to access all these potential employees. If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your social media strategy let us know, our team will be happy to meet with you!

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